{hello blog world. this is my first post ever. quite exciting}

i know it’s january 6th (already?!) and i’m late to the game in posting my resolutions. but as i didn’t have a blog before now, kinda hard to share, huh. anyway, without further ado:

1. start a blog – and here we are. guess i can cross this one off the list.

2. actually do the blog – learn what in the sam hell i’m doing with this wordpress account and actually post (specific goal: once a week). and try to make things as pretty as possible.

3. work out/lose weight – for like the 5th year in a row. fail every year. not this year my friends, not this year. (i choose to ignore the fact that somehow in the last week i’ve already gained weight, despite actually going to the gym. wtf?)

working out includes but is not limited to: going to the gym, at-home exercise videos (maybe i need to try out that p90x thingy?), walking and just dance 2 on the wii. ( specific goal:  three times per week)

4. spend wisely/save money – i must think about a purchase before i buy.  it must be a necessity (shampoo,  dog food, chocolate, etc) or something that i will regret buying. just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean i should buy it. but dammit, stores need to stop having these crazy sales because they’re killing me.

note: i fully accept that i will buy things that do not meet the two parameters above, but i will do my best.

and that’s all. for now. i wish myself the best of luck. self, go forth and prosper.

and because no one likes a post without a picture, here is one.

chandy in tree

quite random, but this is one i just finished editing and it was handy. this is a fabulous chandelier hanging from a tree at a vineyard in napa i visited last spring. love the rustic glamorous look.



17 thoughts on “resolutions

  1. I mistakenly posted my first comment in your “about” section. Ditto to what was said in the “about” section – now in the appropriate section.

  2. Hey Justine!
    Happy New Year!!
    First off, LOVE the website!! LOVE the pic of the chandelier in the tree!!
    Second, do not be discouraged by the weight gain if you’re going to the gym…muscle is heavier than fat so it means you are doing something right! 🙂
    Third, and most important…if it’s on sale, don’t feel bad, buy it!!! If you must limit yourself, make sure it’s at least 50% off and is something that you know will last a few years 🙂
    Hope to see you soon. xo

    • Sara, you are welcome and THANK YOU for the link to the chandy, love it. Have it bookmarked for when I am ready to buy one. And a huge thank you for stopping by my one-post blog 🙂 More will be coming soon.

  3. Sista! Loved reading your blog. You are so creative and so Martha 🙂
    I am proud of you for hitting the gym. It is tough to get going but I know you can do it. Reading your blog will inspire me to keep going on the days when I really just want to chill at home.
    Can’t wait to see what your future posts are all about. Happy writing!!

    • Mucho gracias Sarah! You are amazing for sending the link to my little ‘ol blog to the group. Hope to have more posts coming soon to help people come back for more!

  4. hey Justine! got your blog address from Sarah! love your first post- that pic is amazing! looking forward to checking out your blog on a weekly basis!!! happy new year to you and ry- hope tonsee you guys soon! xxoo

  5. wow, you did it!! this is my first time looking at a blog so I don’t have anything to compare it to but I love it!!! where did you get all this talent? it must be from your father… you seem to have gotten the shopping gene from me though. it’s not all that bad as long as you buy things that you’ll actually use (and at a good price of course)!! do I qualify as your mother now that I’ve read your 1st blog??

    • aw, thanks, mom! i do think the shopping gene is from you…although dad does frequent menards quite a lot. and yes, you are still my mom since you read my blog. but you have to keep reading it, so i guess time will tell 🙂

  6. Starting to read your blog. I love the chandelier photo!!! My wedding venue requires you to have a consultation with a wedding coordinator and the one thing I told her I wanted was chandeliers in trees! Also…we have pretty much the same resolutions. I still haven’t started my blog…

    • thanks for reading julie! chandeliers in trees at your reception would be AMAZING. i have to hear all about–maybe in your upcoming blog? we have to catch up–make sure you let me know when you’ll be in chicago and we’ll get drinks.

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