last to know?

how is it that i just found out about from polyvore, you add a tool to your toolbar, and when you see something you like online, you click the tool and you’re able to save the image (confused? click here). then you can make mood boards, like i did below for a glamorous light gray/white/cobalt blue accent bedroom (completed in about 15 minutes, just so i could try it out).

white, l. gray and cobalt bedroom

i started with that fabulous chandy that i spotted over the weekend at….home depot. can you believe it? the price? $99. insane (i took a pic of it in store on my phone to share, but the site pic is much better). then i hit up my favorite go-to home stores, west elm and crate & barrel, for some quick picks. the gorgeous, glam nightstand is from amazon (but unfortunately it’s not available right now).

which is where i found a glitch with the polyvore tool. sometimes you’re not able to capture the image if it’s is not a static picture on the site (think zoom tool or flash). i had originally found this horchow mirrored nightstand, but it wouldn’t clip, so i had to google to find a similar one. regardless, i think it’s a great tool.

if you’re like me and constantly bookmark or email yourself links to products you like and want to remember, you should use polyvore. it’s also handy for creating outfits. and, you can view mood boards other people created for inspiration. happy mood boarding (and procrastinating)!



p.s. the new lonny mag is live! hope to read it this week and post some inspiration shots from it


this is not a paid post. i found this site amazing and wanted to share in case i really wasn’t the last to know.


4 thoughts on “last to know?

  1. Apparently, I’m the last to learn about the tool– Love it! As I re-do our bedroom i want to run some things by you —-for tips!

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