personalized burp cloths

as i mentioned in the baby shower recap post, i made a few personalized burp cloths for baby paxton. they are easy to make and add a special touch to gift giving.

burp homemade
these two burp cloths i made using this easy tutorial from jones design company. i chose a light sage terry cloth fabric for the backside and a fun green graphic flannel for the front side (i had my eye on this fabric at joann’s for a while and was so happy i found a use for it).

burp d
i added a “d” monogram for paxton’s last name on one of them. since i decided to do a lowercase “d”, when the burp cloth is upside down, it’s a “p” for paxton! happy accident.

to add the d to the burp cloth, i first drew a “d” on paper. next i traced it backwards on the wrong side of the fabric (so i didn’t have to worry about pen marks on the front side). i then pinned it to my terry cloth fabric–before it was sewn together with the flannel–and did a tight zig zag stitch around all the edges.

ribbon d burp cloth
i also purchased pre-made burp cloths to personalize (gerber 6-ply cloth diapers; my sister-in-law informed me that these thicker ones were best). cloth diapers are what my family, and i’m sure plenty others, used as burp cloths.

for the burp cloth above i  bought cute ribbon at joann fabrics, decided how i wanted to orient it and cut it to the length needed (cut it just slightly larger than the width of the cloth to prevent shortage. once sewn on, trim evenly) . i then pinned the ribbon to the burp cloth and sewed right down the middle, back stitching at the beginning and end. to this one i also added a “d” (or a “p”).

burp cloth chicago sports
being a boy, and living in chicago (and having chris as his dad), of course paxton has to have cubs and bears burp cloths. all the cool babies do.  i bought cubs and bears fleece fabrics at joann’s and carefully cut out sections to sew on.

burp cloth bears
i pinned them to the burp cloth and sewed a tight zig zig stitch, again making sure to back stitch at the beginning and the end.

burp chi backs
on the opposite sides i added more cubs and bears pride.

i hope paxton will enjoy spitting up on these as much as i enjoyed making them for him.

p.s. bear down, chicago bears; hope to see you win the superbowl finally this year!


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