recipe reco: beef stew with beer and paprika

i have a (innocent) crush on the pioneer woman. her blog is amazing, her photos are amazing and her recipes are amazing. this past week she posted a recipe for beef stew with beer and paprika. when i went to the grocery store to pick up some things for the bears game viewing party (recipes to come),  ingredients for the beef stew found their way into my cart.

as i had the day off (thank you mlk jr),  i had more time than usual to spend on dinner and made ree’s beef stew. one word: amazing. another word: comfort. it was just what winter in chicago called for. if you have a couple of hours to spare (total cooking time, not hands on time), i recommend you try this recipe.

beef stew

approximate servings: 6
approximate cost: $14 ($2.33/serving)
purchased: 2 lbs stew beef, carrots (1/2 bag left over), parsley (lots leftover), potatoes (1/2 bag left over), loaf of french bread
from the pantry: olive oil, butter, salt, pepper, paprika, garlic, beef bouillon cubes, onion, beer, worcestershire, tomato paste, sugar

tip #1: make sure your pan/oil is hot enough before you add the beef. to test, touch a small piece of beef on the pan–you should hear a sizzle. if you don’t, it’s not hot enough (thank you food network).

tip #2: don’t forget the bread. my favorite part of the meal was dipping it in the broth.

can’t wait for lunch this week!



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