i got the itch

i dream of the day when i have a single family home and the room to have a dresser in my bedroom (imagine that), in the guest room and even in the foyer (to the guy who viewed our condo today–first showing ever!–please please buy it).

sometimes i get an itch to see what’s out there in craigslist world and i just have to scratch it. today i got the itch and scratched. i did a quick search for dressers using craigseasy (highly recommend if you only look based on photos, which is the only way you should!). i found some great, cheap options of dressers to redo. i want to move, like now. because five dressers in our 700 square foot place (that has no room for anything else, hence the moving) would be so not cool. my husband would probably divorce me.

love the clean, mid-century lines of this. would be great as a larger nightstand, painted white with maybe new pulls (maybe not). $24 (!!!)

this is a craptastic photo. but it seems it has clean lines and thin legs, ala mid-century. would have to see it. new pulls and a paint  job (white, gray or yellow) and this could be great. $ “reasonable offer” (how about 20 bones since you say it has a bad stain job and some scratches?)

i have a thing for mid-century, obviously. love the metal details on bottom of the legs. needs new pulls and would look great stained dark or needs a fresh paint job (inside as well–they painted the inside green?!). $65

this would look fabulous and glamorous with a punchy paint job and new pulls. i’m thinking turquoise. $60 ($75 if you get the matching nightstand as well)

almost a little too girly for my taste, but not quite. i would slap some white paint on there…or turquoise or yellow for a punch. and get new pulls. would be great in my future bedroom (or closet if i were so lucky to have one so big) to hold my jewelery and undies and such, or i could even see it in a bathroom for storage for all the crap that bathrooms accumulate (not crap crap, stuff crap). $50 obo.

this may have potential with the mid-century lines and the x details on the top drawers.  would be great in my future foyer with a coat of white, turquoise, yellow (yes, i am fixated on those colors right now. so what.) or even a bold green. $100 (for the set, however do not want the matching but yet ugly nightstand and mirror)

here’s some inspiration for the finished products:

{hi! sugarplum}

{young house love}


{domestic adventure}

turquoise night stand{unknown}

if you’re in the chicago area, actually have room for a new dresser and want to refinish one yourself, you should go buy one of the above (click on pictures to link to the listing) so i can be jealous of you. maybe i’ll help you, too. if i can get over my jealousy.




6 thoughts on “i got the itch

  1. loved your ideas! While you’re looking for dressers, could you find me a dining room table, chairs, and china cabinet? We sink so low in our dining room chairs, we have trouble getting out of them. My fingers are crossed that you get a buyer soon for your place and find a house for all your dressers.

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