recipe: almond & toffee chip brownies

as i mentioned in my taco dip recipe post, for the first bears playoff game i also made some easy (not from scratch) brownies (some day i will show you that i do bake from scratch, just not today). this brownie recipe with a twist comes from my mom, who got it from someone else, who i’m sure got it from someone else, and so on. because it’s so good (and easy) you have to share the recipe.

cast of characters:

brownie mix
your favorite brownie mix (this time i picked fudge but milk chocolate is amazing as well)

symphony bar

and a hershey’s symphony almonds & toffee chips bar (i like to buy a couple of these when they go on sale and keep them in my fridge for when it’s brownie making time).

not pictured: brownie mix add-ins: oil, water, egg.

let’s begin.

preheat the oven. make the brownie mix according to the package directions. pour half into a greased pan (pan size depends on size of the mix you bought. i like family size because you get more. yes please).

chop the hersey’s bar. not too small because you want some chunks left when you eat the brownies. but not too big! it’s a delicate balance (kidding! do whatever the h you want. because they’re your brownies).

chopped bar

distribute the pieces all over the mix in the pan. don’t forget even the littlest shavings, the more chocolate the better, of course.

chopped bars on mix

pour the second half of the batter on top. i try to cover all of the candy bar bits so they’re a “surprise” but it doesn’t really matter. bake according to package directions.

serve and enjoy. so chocolatey and fudgy, with a hint of crunch from the almonds and toffee. heaven.

tip: cut your brownies with a plastic knife. for reasons unknown to me, the brownies won’t stick to the knife and be annoying (thanks, mom!) works like a charm.

almond & toffee chip brownies

1 box of brownie mix (regular size or family size, your preference)
brownie mix add-ins (oil, water, egg)
1 hershey’s milk chocolate toffee almond barΒ  (two if you’re feeling naughty)

preheat oven per brownie box directions. make brownie batter according to directions. pour 1/2 of brownie batter into greased pan (pan size depends on size of mix you bought). chop up the hershey’s bar. try not to eat. distribute over brownie batter in pan. pour the remaining batter in pan, spreading evenly. bake according to brownie box directions.

serve and enjoy the chocolately crunchy almondy toffeey goodness.


p.s. resolution #3 of losing weight? not so much. i think i can blame the taco dip, brownies, mexican spinach dip, sea salt caramels and chocolate gooey butter cookies i’ve made in the past two weeks (and yes, that is a preview into upcoming recipes. stay tuned, because they are three of my favorite recipes ever).


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