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the homies

have you heard of the homies? it’s an award honoring the best blogs in different categories. three of my favorite blogs have made it to the final round in different categories:

young house love, one of the first blogs i started reading, made it to the final round for the home design category. they are a huge inspiration for DIY home projects. vote if you’re a fan!

the pioneer woman (i recommended one of her recipes here)  made it to the home cooking final round. every recipe of ree’s i’ve tried so far is divine (many future recipe recos will be hers). vote for the best home cooking blog here.

and in the kid’s design category, under the sycamore is in the finals. ashley’s photography is amazing, her kids are adorable and she is so so so creative. vote here.

even if you don’t know the what the heck the homies are, or the blogs i mentioned above (you need to check them out), you should check out the list of all who were nominated to find some great new reads.


p.s. totally off topic, but j. crew’s new spring line has arrived. must find a thousand or so dollars to buy all of cuteness i’ve already spotted.


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