weekend recap

happy monday (cue sad trombone sound effect). another weekend has flown by. my three day weekend (due to a sick day on friday) was full of sleeping to recover from my third sickness of the season, laundry ….

lots of snuggling with my buddy….

tina and beck

taking lots of pictures of my buddy….

beck 1beck 2beck 3

sewing line after line after line….

sewing lines

cutting line after line after line (this project to be revealed next week, if i ever finish it)….

cutting lines

while watching more episodes of the real housewives of atlanta than i care to admit…

real housewives atlanta

image from bravo

making a pound of sugared pecans (recipe to come)….

and eating indian food for the first time (loved it!)

indian food
hope you all had a great weekend. anyone else try something new? or take way too many photos of your pet (again)?


2 thoughts on “weekend recap

  1. thanks, heather! he is the cutest dog ever, but i’m not biased or anything 🙂 damn bravo for making us coach potatoes…you just can’t turn it off. and yes, i was so surprised how much i liked indian food, i don’t know why i was ‘scared’ of it before. so flavorful!

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