recipe reco: chicken lime fajitas (a snowpocalypse dinner)

chicago is in the midst of a blizzard right now. or the snowpocalypse. or snowmaggedon. sno-m-g. snotorious b.i.g. oh snow you didn’t. whatever. it’s snowing a lot. it’s windy a lot. it’s cold a lot. annnnndddd…..


snow day tomorrow!

as snowmaggedon was beginning, i left early from work and headed to the insanely crowded grocery store (after a crowded el ride where you played bumper butts with each other, yuck) to get supplies for a couple new recipes i wanted to make, since i had more time on my hands. i just bought some beautiful peppers at costco over the weekend, so i picked up a couple additional ingredients for the lime chicken fajitas recipe by dana at made (i did halve the recipe since there is only two of us).

fiesta in my tummy. i love mexican food and this was no exception. my favorite part was the lime of the marinade you could taste, even with all the additional toppings. ours were topped with cilantro, salsa, cheese and avocado (we were out of sour cream).


approximate servings (for the full recipe): 4
approximate cost: $4.50 (not including pantry items)
approximate time from start to plate: 45 minutes (includes 30 minute marinade)
purchased: cilantro, six-inch flour torillas, avocado, lime
from the pantry: chicken, onion, salsa, cheese, cumin, rice vinegar, s&p

tip: definitely clean the black residue off the bottom of pan before you add the chicken as dana recommends. i skipped it and my chicken didn’t look so hot with little black bits, although you couldn’t taste it.

simple, tasty and cheap – what more can you ask for?  if you’re looking for ideas for your superbowl party, a make-your-own lime chicken fajita bar would be fun. perfect entree to an appetizer of taco dip.

during my snow day tomorrow i will be sleeping in, trying to finish a sewing project and making baked potato soup (will of course let you know if i recommend it). fist bump to snow days.


p.s. it’s getting ca-razy out there. just experienced thundersnow! thunder and lighting during a snowstorm. that’s a first for me.


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