sno-m-g 2011

we survived the great blizzard of 2011. phew. it was crazy, and it will give us a good story to tell our future kids. there was thundersnow (thunder and lighting during a snowstorm, it was totally crazy), such strong winds people had problems walking, hundreds of cars abandoned on lake shore drive and piles of snow taller than some people. this morning we took a walk around the neighborhood to inspect the damage (snowpants a must).

here are some pics from our journey:

beck in yardbeck in the courtyard


ry in street

t in street

where's the car

snow covered ivylove the snow covered ivy

snow to chest

street sidewalkthe street becomes a sidewalk

snow pile zoom

in snow pilezoomed out…the snow pile was 5 feet tall

measuringryan making an official measurement

shovelersrescuing cars

beck at gate

hermitage ave

can i tell you how annoying/hard it is to take photos of snow? so hard to capture, it just turns out like a white blob. and bluish. editing these was tough work. (end complaining). maybe there’s a trick? please share.

if you want even more of the winter storm eye candy, go here for some great images from across the country.

all in all i thought snotorious b.i.g. was all it was hyped up to be, and i’m glad it was. i could use more snow days. or how about a freezing day, since tomorrow is supposed to be ridiculously cold?

stay warm! (or if you live in a warm climate, f you. kidding. sort of.)



5 thoughts on “sno-m-g 2011

  1. Looks like you, Ryan and Beck had an excellent time enjoying the blizzard. I have never seen Chicago Avenue look so desolate. Thanks for sharing all your great journalistic pictures. Mike, Jimmy and I were bundled up waiting for our blizzard that never was. Now that Liam is home and recovering, I am very happy the snow missed us.

    • oh we did. i didn’t get as much snuggling time as i wanted because i was busy doing sewing projects and editing photos, but it was fun and productive. so glad liam’s surgery went well, but i’m sure it’s hard to see him recovering. hopefully he will be back to new in a few months after his next surgery.

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