recipe recos: baked potato soup and blackberry cobbler

when at the grocery store stocking up on ingredients for dinners of the snowpocalypse (as mentioned in this post), i knew i wanted to make the perfect winter weather meal – soup. i happened to have the recipe for baked potato soup by smitten kitchen in my purse so i grabbed the ingredients i needed ( i actually forgot something and had to trek to walgreens in my snowpants. luckily they were open).

this flavorful soup was perfect for a snow day, it warmed you from the inside out. it was a baked potato in a bowl (imagine that!), how could you go wrong? you can’t. and i think the soup (minus the toppings) is actually not too bad for you (but don’t take my word for it).

baked potato soup
approximate servings: 4-6 (depending how hungry people are)
approximate cost: $7.50 (not including pantry items)
approximate time start to bowl: 50 minutes
purchased: potatoes, green onions, chicken stock, sour cream
in the pantry: garlic, butter, bay leaves, bacon, cheese, s&p

i did alter my recipe slightly, based on what i had. instead of leeks i used about 5 green onions (i guesstimated this equivalent), and i only had 4 cups of chicken stock instead of 5-6. and because we’re garlic lovers, i did smash and add back in about half of the garlic cloves from the garlic head. everything worked out a-ok.

(it currently feels like zero outside, and the leftovers are warming me up! so good even the next day.)

since i had picked up some blackberries over the weekend and i didn’t want to go through the trouble of freezing them (i think i was looking for an excuse to make yet another dessert), i whipped up a warm-and-comfy dessert: the pioneer woman’s blackberry cobbler. i’ve made this before, and it’s one my favorites.

blackberry cobbler_pw

approximate servings: 8
approximate cost: $4 (not including pantry items)
approximate time start to plate: 65 minutes
purchased: blackberries
in the pantry: sugar, flour, butter, milk

tip: if you don’t have self-rising flour, just make your own. mix 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon salt into every 1 cup flour you need.

(if you don’t like blackberries, as ree mentions, any fruit would work – peaches, blueberries, raspberries. just pick your favorite!)

o.m.g. soul satisfying. seriously, bookmark this recipe. do it right now. it’s sweet, but not to sweet. the juicy blackberries. the caramelized crust (my favorite part). goodness.  i am counting down the minutes till i get home and can have another serving.

(this is also good as leftovers. i keep it in the fridge and just pop a serving in the micro and it tastes just a good as when it first comes out of the oven.)

anyone have any favorite recipes that hit the spot when it’s chilly outside?



4 thoughts on “recipe recos: baked potato soup and blackberry cobbler

    I love blackberries!! If the baked potato soup is as good as the one at Muldoon’s, then it’s a keeper. Your sisters turned me onto it.

    • i recommend you make them! i’ve never had muldoon’s baked potato soup, but this one is pretty tasty (better than one i’ve made before). maybe the girls will actually like it! imagine that. and i will have to make you the cobbler then when you come over next time. thanks for commmenting, mom!

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