weekend recap: sewing, shower, sushi and sofa

sunday nights are hard. the alarm clock dread has set in and so has the knowledge that five whole days are between you and another weekend. at least that’s what’s going through my head right now. so i am trying to forget what lies ahead and remember the good times had over the past couple days.

friday night i finished up some burp cloths for my cousin’s baby shower.  they turned out so cute, if i do say so myself (i will post pics later this week). ryan and i also watched i do & i don’t….i wish i didn’t spend the time watching it.

saturday i went to the baby shower. she’s having a girl and it was pink overload, in a good way. baby jillyan is one lucky baby, and i can’t wait to meet her next month!


(the new wrapping paper i picked up at costco makes me so happy. is that sad?)

one the way home, i picked up some hyacinth while at trader joe’s. i can’t resist fresh flowers in the house (it has been way too long) and the smell compelled me to buy them. they’re a much needed reminder that spring is coming (some day).


saturday night we had some friends over for the first ever sushi night. i am not a sushi eater (but i did try some),so i made some trader joe apps, and it was so much fun.

apps(fritz, this photo for you)

prep station

holly and tracyholly and tracy

fritz and ryanfritz and ryan

ryan and iryan and i

fritz hot sauce rollyes, hot sauce in sushi

fritz roll

ryan roll

cutting sushi


the night ended with us brushing up on our guitar skills.

fritz guitar hero

ryan guitar hero

justine guitar hero

holly guitar hero

sunday was a lazy day on the couch, snuggling with my best buddy beck and finishing the last half of the help in one sitting.

the help

have you read it? if not, i recommend it. it’s so good, times 1,000. i found myself thinking of this book when i was not reading it, it was so captivating (thank you, book club, for choosing this as the first book, as i never would have read it on my own. can’t wait till our first “meeting”!).

the couch potato marathon continued with the superbowl. neither ryan or i cared about it, so we stayed home.  the superbowl isn’t the superbowl without good food so i whipped up a spinach dip and ryan made the most delicious beer battered chicken fingers. once again, the commercials were not  impressive.  the only two that stick out in my mind are the doritos one where the guy licks the other’s fingers (gross but entertaining) and the chrysler one with eminem (also, enough already of the godaddy commericials). two words to describe the halftime show: so bad.  i like the black eyed peas (for the most part), but thought they sounded horrible (however, usher–man he has moves). the packers won and i didn’t win $400. bummer squared.

so that was it. sewing, shower, sushi and sofa. how about that alliteration. bam.

what did you do? did you watch the game? any commercials stand out for you?


the help image from about.com

p.s. can you spot beck?

where's beck
man i love that dog

p.p.s. the images in this post are driving me crazy – half rounded corners, half not. i’m trying to get over it though. it’s really hard.


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