happy birthday, dad!

happy birthday to my dad. daddy-o. father unit.


(sorry you don’t have a shirt on for your first appearance on my blog. but we were boating, one of our favorite activities. and it’s a great photo.)

here’s one with clothes on:

dad and mom

you are the best pancake maker.

you are the best joke teller.

you are the best DIYer.

you are the best father-in-law.

you are the best dad.

i hope you have the best day ever, because you deserve it.


also, happy birthday grandma and melissa!


update: how could i forget to include a pic from my wedding??

father daughter dance


8 thoughts on “happy birthday, dad!

  1. No shirt on your blog is embarrassing, but not nearly as embarrassing as you putting a picture of me shirtless on our Christmas Card. Also, your Mom’s comment is pretty funny.

  2. The shirtless christmas card with Ryan’s oiled chest was hilarious. Tina, you will never live that down. happy birthday to your dad. What a great tribute!

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