valentine sweets love

if i was a good blogger, i would have whipped up my own valentine treats to share and inspire, but apparently i’m not (i don’t plan much in advance. perhaps that should change).  so i’m sharing other blogger’s amazing valentine’s day treats that have my mouth watering. and making me wish i had unlimited time to bake and a body where calories meant nothing.

red velvet sandwich cookies by bakerella

red velvet candwich cookies bakerella

cheesecake pops by bakerella

cheesecake pops bakerella

chocolate covered strawberry and pink velvet cake truffles by how sweet it is

cake truffles how sweet it is

chocolate strawberry cupcakes by tidy mom

choc-strawberry-cupcakes_tidy mom

rose cake by i am baker

rose cake i am baker

fourteen layer cake for the fourteenth by bakerella (if you’re ambitious; to make it even more for v day, make with red velvet and/or frost with red/pink/white frosting and add decorations)

14 layer cake bakerella

heart cake by i am baker (if you’re feeling very ambitious!)

heart cake i am baker

what are your plans for valentine’s day? a nice home-cooked meal or a dinner out? do you even celebrate? ryan and i are planning on going to a hot new byob restaurant near us, if we can get in (since they don’t take reservations). and i might have to whip up one of the treats above on sunday, if i have time. i’m leaning towards the red velvet sandwich cookies or some sort of cupcake. mmmm. i will have to make time.


p.s. check out this post for valentine’s decoration inspiration


3 thoughts on “valentine sweets love

  1. I will second your desire to have a body where calories don’t matter. Neither do diabetes 🙂
    Mike and I are taking a cookig class for valentine’s day. I asked for a class for Christmas and we both decided this would be a really fun way to celebrate. We are making a five course dinner. I am most excited about making the
    white chocolate souffle with raspberry sauce.
    Yum! I hear souffle’s are hard to make so I am excited to give them a try.
    Love and miss you!
    Have a great time on your date! Keep making me laugh with these great posts. L

    • that class is SUCH a great idea. be sure to let me know how it goes! and pass along the recipe/tips for a souffle because i did hear they are tricky. can’t wait to see you!

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