outfitting my future house

i love urban outfitters for not only their clothes but their “apartment” offerings of furniture, bedding, rugs, accessories, art and more. it’s fairly cheap and has a great style, just like their clothes.

i just got an email from urban outfitters that had the most fabulous chair:

turquoise chair

if i don’t get this chair for my future new house, i will die. maybe that’s an exaggeration. but bad things will happen to my heart if i don’t get it. and $349 is a good price for a chair. it’s not thrift store or craigslist cheap, but it’s perfect as-is and doesn’t need to be reupholstered.

while i was on the site lusting after the above chair, i took a look around to see what else they had, as i like to do every so often. here are the picks i would add to my cart and buy immediately if 1.) i had a house for them and 2.) i had the money:

metal accordion side table, for next to my new turquoise chair

accordion side table

look at those feet! this is perfect for resting my glass of wine and whatever book i’m in the middle of reading. at $64, it will be totally in my budget (you know, when i have a new house to furnish).

love the lines of this chair, and it would be great for my future rustic dining table

metal chair

but i don’t like the cushion fabric and at $189, don’t think it will go in my cart. darn.

loving this storage bench

tweed storage bench

could make a good coffee table or an entry way bench. and i love tweed and gray, so perfect! and a $249, you get a bench/ottoman and storage, not bad.

this headboard is ah-mazing

gray velvet headboard

it’s gray, it’s velvet and it’s tufted, everything i imagine my new headboard to be. but it’s $349 and only comes in a queen size, so i will have to make my own (which i plan to do anyway).

so that’s my furniture wish list from uo. and that’s not even touching their bedding or home decor, which is also fabulous. hopefully one or two of the above will be coming home to me, some day (soon, please, for the love of god i want a new house).

do you shop at urban outfitters for their home goods? any pieces you have and recommend or want?



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