happy v-day

happy valentine’s day! (better late than never)

last night i made a batch of  chocolate strawberry cupcakes to bring into the office (originally posted about here). they took some time but damn they were good. so worth the time and the calories.

chocolate strawberry cupcakeschoc cupcake inside

that strawberry filling, seen above? amazeballs. i felt like i was eating a chocolate covered strawberry (one of my favorite things). i do have a bowl of leftover filling and a bag of frosting sitting in my fridge. it’s so good i know that it cannot go in the garbage, but i don’t know what to do with it. it may just go on a spoon and into my mouth but then i’ll feel like a true fat ass (scuse my french). ryan just suggested crepes, which does sound fabulous for the strawberry whipped cream (note to self: google crepe recipes).

(notes on my execution of the recipe: i used a triple chocolate cake mix; i don’t like dark chocolate. for the frosting, i added in a cup of powered sugar in at a time, since i don’t like my frosting too sweet. i ended up using about three cups of powered sugar vs. the four in the recipe).

when i got home from work i found a surprise waiting for me:


flowers are not given often around here, so it was quite the sweet surprise. i picked a pretty good valentine to have for the rest of my life.

our plans to go to dinner were put on hold until tuesday, since the restaurant we planned to go to isn’t open on mondays (sad trombone). but we enjoyed a nice, healthy dinner of baked tilapia, salad and steamed broccoli (we are both trying to lose weight for our florida vacay in may). that sentence almost makes me gag, but in reality it wasn’t that bad. it was my first time eating fish (seriously; i don’t like fish) and i didn’t want to spit it out, so that’s a win. and i almost ate all my non-buttered, non-cheesy broccoli, so that’s a win too (sounds so romantic, huh? really, ryan can cook up a great meal. i mean, i ate fish). i now know i can eat healthier, even though it may not be what i want to do, but it’s what i need to do. i won’t give up dessert though. it’s in my blood.

we have been spending the night relaxing on the couch, drinking wine and watching chicago themed shows – cash cab chicago (taxi #4472! must find!) and the chicago code (not bad so far). time for pawn stars and a wine refill, so i will end here.

i hope you’ve had a great day (whether you celebrate v day or not)!



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