think pink burp cloths

i’ve made customized burp cloths for the last two showers i’ve gone to (first set was pre-blogging; see the second set here), so i continued the tradition for my cousin’s shower, to go along with the blanket i made baby jillyan (and some useful items off the registry list). this time i had a ton of fun since she is having a girl (no offense, frankie and paxton).

these are the supplies i picked up at joann fabrics:

girly supplies

pink and more pink! and ric rac! and the cutest little pom pom trim you’ve ever seen! along with various ribbons and a quilter’s fabric sample. i didn’t have anything in mind, i just browsed the aisles of jf and picked up things that spoke to me.

since i’m mildly obsessed with them and they’re girly, i knew i had to do ruffles. i originally planned on using the hot pink ribbon for the ruffles (see photo above), but let’s just say it wasn’t the best material, i messed up when doing the second ruffle and then i ran out of ribbon. since i didn’t want to drive my car to jf to get more ribbon due to fear of losing my parking spot from the blizzard, i raided my fabric stash and found some pink fleece that would be perfect.

to make the ruffles, i first cut a strip of fabric about two times the length of the burp cloth  and about 1 1/2 inches wide. then i set my stitch length to 4 (the longest on my machine)  and sewed down the middle of the fabric strip, not back stitching at the beginning or end (a baste stitch).

baste stitch

then i gently pulled on one of the threads (pulling the bottom thread worked for me), gathering the fabric. i smooshed (official term) the gathering further and further down the thread as i continued to pull. i also gathered from the other end as well, and eventually the ruffle came together.

pull thread

the ruffle was quite ruffly once this was done, and shorter than the length of my burp cloth. i then pinned the top of the ruffle where i wanted it and carefully smoothed down the ruffle a bit, moving the ruffle further down the thread until i had a smoother ruffle to my liking. i continued to smooth and pin down the length of the burp cloth (i thought i had a picture of this process but i don’t, sorry).

with the ruffle to my liking, i had a couple inches hanging off that i just cut off even with the edge of the cloth. then i sewed down the middle of the ruffle, right over the original baste stitch, making sure to back stitch at the beginning and end.

sewing ruffle

ummmm, hope that all made sense? now go forth and make ruffles. you can’t have too many ruffles.

the result, a pink, girly, ruffly burp cloth:

ruffle clothruffle close up

the tiny ric rac i picked up was adorable. i just eyeballed the placement and pinned it, then sewed (slowly, since it was so narrow) down the middle of the ric rac. simple and cute.

ric rac clothric rac close up

i paired the pink and brown gingham ribbon together. i played around with the placement for a long while, and ended up liking a random, overlapping placement.

gingham 2gingham

i fell in love with the tiny pom pom trim the minute i saw it. i added it to both ends of the burp cloth. it felt a little plain to me, so i added a ‘j’ monogram (freehanded a ‘j’ on computer paper, cut it out, traced it onto the jazzy pink and white fabric i bought, cut it out, pinned it on and zig zag stitched around it twice, for good measure).

pom pom jpom pom j closeup

man i love that trim. so ridiculously cute.

here’s the “collection” for baby jillyan (that i have named ‘think pink’ – crappy, i know, but it’s the best i got):

girly bc collectiongirly bc collection vertical

adorbes. i have a lot of fun making these; i think they will become my signature shower gift (along with what else strikes my fancy, homemade or store bought).  hopefully the recipients appreciate the homemade touch and jazzed up burp cloths–to get spit up all over. but at least the babes can do that in style.

i have another couple sets to make in the near future (i think it’s baby season); stay tuned for a quick recap, since i’m sure there’s only so many burp cloths you can take before the eyes glaze over (hopefully someday i’ll have a new house and can blog about actual diy stuff).

have a great wednesday.





7 thoughts on “think pink burp cloths

    • thanks, katie, you’re so sweet. i haven’t ever made burp cloths to order before, but, it could be worked out if you’re serious. just let me know. thanks for visiting!

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