biggest losers

so we’re going to florida memorial day weekend. yeah baby! but florida equals beach. and beach equals bathing suit. and bathing suit equals tina looking like a beached albino whale. okay, perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration but that’s how i feel right now. pale and chunky. i’m not going to fake bake, so i will look like casper no matter what. what i can control is my weight. although i say control loosely, since i’ve been wanting to lose weight for, like, ever, and haven’t lost a pound. but supposedly it can happen. and ryan would like to lose weight too, so we’re starting a biggest loser camp in casa stuckenschneider.

i think our plan is a non-diet diet.  we’re not counting calories but we’re eating better (and hopefully less).  adding lots more veggies and cutting down on the amount of meat and carbs (maybe after my bagel this morning…). adding in fish (yuck, completely new to my diet, though i have made progress) and whole grains and healthy stuff like quinoa and couscous. i will also be trying the recipes i’ve saved from my cooking light issues more than usual. our goal is for our plates to more closely resemble the following illustration from real simple:

real simple plate

and as always when trying to lose weight, there will be working out. which will be especially hard for me since my gym membership ended (and i didn’t renew because we’re trying to move, and apparently you can’t cancel a contract unless you move more than 30 miles away. really, gym? i could barely be motivated to go when i was a 1/2 mile away, let alone four or 10 or 30 miles) i pray i can find motivation to exercise at home, especially since 1. i’m pretty lazy (not gonna lie) and 2. i find it embarrassing to work out in front of ryan (why can i pee in front of my husband but am embarrassed working out in front of him? what is up with that?) hopefully i can find routines that work, whether it’s p90x (kinda scares me), other exercise videos (purchased through amazon after reading reviews or found on netflix) or my usual squats/crunches/lunges etc, along with long walks with beck.

to track our progress, a scale has been purchased and it should arrive next week. yay (that was sarcasm).

to jumpstart our biggest loser regime, wednesday night ryan and i went to stanley’s, our favorite produce store, to stock up on the gross stuff good stuff, veggies.  in our bags:

stanleys loot

(all that for about 20 bones, niiiiiice)

(that swiss chard? was not supposed to be swiss chard. was going for kale, but things were mislabeled and not noticed)

not sure what the plan is for some of those. and i can’t believe i bought green beans, gross. that’s a first. but so far we have made two healthified dinners:

wednesday: bell peppers stuffed with mexican rice (i know, not the healthiest. brown rice or couscous would have been better) and queso fresco (the “not bad for you” cheese according to ryan) with a side of chard sauteed with olive oil, a little pat of butter, garlic, s&p and lemon juice. verdict: the stuffed bell peppers were good. and great for lunch the next day. the chard, well, we won’t be buying that again. and not because i put way too much lemon juice in there.

thursday: grilled tilapia with grilled eggplant. verdict: not too shabby. i think i am getting used to tilapia, shocking. but in no way am i ready to move onto fishier fish, like salmon. baby steps.

(so far ryan has been cooking — thanks babe — so i don’t have recipes to share, but of course i will when i have worthy recipes.)

however, i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, i am not giving up dessert. i just can’t. it’s not going to happen. no siree bob. but i do eat it in moderation. and i can try to make healthier desserts. sometimes.

sooo yeah. i’m a bit nervous about sharing because i should then report progress, but i don’t think i’ll be able to lose much, if anything, and don’t want to admit to the failure at the end. but i’m also hoping by sharing that i’ll feel more accountable and be more motivated so i can report progress. so if you have any diet tips or exercises or recipes you recommend (thank you, amy, for a tilapia recipe that looks delish), please pass them along! i need all the help i can get.


p.s. please don’t tell me i don’t need to lose weight. it’s nice to hear that others don’t think i’m fat and it’s very kind of you, but you haven’t seen me in a bathing suit. i know i’m not fat fat, but i feel fat for myself. i’m not sure if i even weighed what i do now in college when i was eating crappy food for lunch and dinner, chugging beer and eating pizza, gyros, pokey sticks and burritos at two in the morning every weekend. where did you go, metabolism?


13 thoughts on “biggest losers

    3 tilapia fillets
    2 limes
    1 white onion
    shredded cabbage
    chipotle pepper in adobe sauce (it is a small jar – prolly in the mexican foods section)
    1 can mexicorn (drained)
    1 can black beans (drained & rinsed)
    corn tortillas (small ones for tacos)
    plain greek yogurt

    marinate tilapia in 2tbl olive oil and lime juice. then cook on skillet or grill.
    create sauce with of 1/2 cup greek yogurt, 2tbl mayo and chipotle pepper (to taste!).
    build your taco on corn tortillas using the sauce, tilapia, mexicorn, chopped tomato, cilantro, black beans, onion, avocado – any toppings you like!


    • um, that actually looks good. ryan may have me trying salmon earlier than his target date of late march (yes, he actually set a date). i think soy sauce and brown sugar make anything good!

  2. You’re bound to be successful if Ryan’s onboard as well. Remember, a little bit of cheese goes a long way. I don’t usually put the amount of cheese recommended in a recipe unless it’s the main ingredient. Lot’s of fat and calories in that scumptioius stuff.
    I’ve been getting into eggplant lately. I made a recipe from Rachel Ray’s website for pasta with oven roasted veggies. It was delish! I’ll send it to you if you’d like.

  3. I’m with you, I’m trying the non-diet diet and exercise videos (so far Jillian’s 30 Day shred has been great . . . when I do it). I wish I could train myself to like fish, but I just can’t do it! Major props to ya there. And I don’t think my plate has EVER looked like that Real Simple illustration, yikes!

    • ooh, i should try jillian’s dvd, i’ve heard that was good, thanks for the reminder! and i know–when i saw that illustration, i immediately put it on our fridge to try to help us remember;so far it’s really hard. i feel the grains are the hardest part…and eating all my veggies. good luck on your non-diet diet!

  4. I have 2 copies of the 30 day shred, Tina. I didn’t purchase two thinking that two would work better than one, for if that were the case I’d own every single one of them and I would be walking around eating funnel cakes and hamburgers in a bikini and looking AWESOME while doing it. I accidentally bought the same one twice. This is a sad thing to admit, really, because that means I used the original one so little that I had no idea what it looked like or was called when I purchased the second one.
    ANYHOW, my house is still being rebuilt from the flood but I’ll try and dig it out and send it to you. Jillian is a bad ass!! She scares me!!

  5. Hey Justine,

    Nick and I aren’t big fish eaters either, but we are addicted to Trader Joes frozen marinated ahi tuna steaks (wild-caught too, woo-hoo!). Super easy for weeknights, just defrost and throw on the grill a minute or two per side, or in the toaster oven for a bit more. We put on this sesame seed ginger spice mix I found at HomeGoods for a little extra flavor but they are pretty darn good alone. Good luck to you both!

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