weekend recap: a quickie (road trip), domesticity & disappointment

i hope you had a great weekend. mine went way too fast (as always), even though i was lucky enough to have monday off.

friday night was low key. ryan and i ran some errands at my two favorite stores (target and joann fabrics), made some semi-homemade pizza (boboli crust with olive oil, garlic, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto and arugula with a balsamic reduction drizzle–yum!) and we watched the wall street sequel (entertaining, though not as good as the first).

saturday we headed to madison, wisconsin to support our friends’ event they put together on behalf of their client. when we got into town we saw for ourselves how crazy the city is with the protests (real crazy). our hotel was right across the capitol building and we had to have a police man escort us to the parking garage.

while in madison we walked around town, watching the protests (we tried to get into the capitol building but it was too long of a line)…

madison capitol

madison capitol sign

drank some wisconsin beer at the student union (quite the union, i really would have gone there) and enjoyed the jeep downtown throwdown (our friends’ client event and the reason for our visit) where there were skydivers (brrrrr and yikes)….

skydiverskydiver 2skydiver landing
snow sculptures…

snow sculpture

(yes, that is a hen and eggs)

and a ski/snowboard competition on the ramp/rails thing below (i have a huge lack of terminology for this, sorry).

snowboard rampvia out cold marketing

madison was a great, beautiful city that borders two large lakes and has a cute downtown. i can see why people gave me the advice of  “don’t visit uw madison if you don’t plan on going there”, while on my college search, because you will want to go there (although i did visit out-of-state schools, i was trying to stay in-state and took the advice. good thing). we would definitely go back if we had another opportunity.

(the diet took a vacation while “on vacation”. oops.)

sunday morning (tired and a bit hungover) we drove back home, but not without a stop to get wisconsin’s finest: cheese!


(cheese curds, aka “squeaky cheese”,  to be exact. and string cheese for our wonderful neighbors who watched our fur baby)

the rest of the weekend was spent being productive and relaxing. there was grocery shopping, a bunch of cooking (healthy dinners! yummy recipes to come), crafting, sewing and watching more movies (big — a great classic and get him to the greek — pretty funny).

we also went to see a house on monday, and actually put in an offer (against my better judgement–so much work needs to be done) but unfortunately the sellers won’t accept any contingencies (we have to sell our condo first). so, more disappointment in our moving journey. i think both ryan and i are feeling frustrated and fear that we won’t ever sell and find a house that 1. is in a location we want 2. we both agree on. we must have hope, but it’s fading. the prime real estate market time is coming, so hopefully our home future will look brighter soon. i am very impatient to get more space, start some projects and decorate (and have more interesting blog topics).

i’m already counting down the days until next weekend, luckily it’s only four! did you enjoy your three (or two) day weekend? any big plans for next weekend? i have my best friend’s baby shower on saturday, can’t wait!



2 thoughts on “weekend recap: a quickie (road trip), domesticity & disappointment

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Justine. 🙂 Your terminology of the snowboard rail jam was just perfect! Bummer on the house. I know the right thing is waiting just around the corner. It’s all meant to be.

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