bathrooms (a list of grievances)

bathrooms are awkward. specifically, public bathrooms. more specifically, work public bathrooms. if bathroom talk makes you uncomfortable, please avert your eyes.

a list of grievances:

-there’s only so many routes to the bathroom. the main one has cubicles lining it. i feel like the people in those cubes notice how often i use the facilities. do they think i go too much? (i drink a lot of water at work) too little? (and yes, i do realize they have far better things to do with their time and am 99% sure they don’t, but this is what goes through my head people) (when typing far i accidentally wrote fart. how appropriate).

-chances are you will walk past someone going the opposite way on the walk to/from the restroom. you either avert your eyes, not wanting to share an “i have to use the bathroom too” moment, or say hi (to someone who you may not know — another company, or someone you just saw — really, another hello?) awkward turtle. and to this point, i find you see the same people for the most part–syncing schedules? gross.

-it is common knowledge that you do not use a stall right next to a stall in use if there are other empty stalls. get with the program people.

-it is common decency that you flush your business. we are adults. get with the program people.

-i do not want people to hear me do my business, smell my business or even know i have business. even if it is “human”.


i don’t know what my point is.  i just had to get that off my chest. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

you may now forget this ever happened and get on with your day.



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