recipe recos: veggie chips (seriously good stuff)

i know, the words “veggies” and “chips” don’t go together,  but trust me, they do now. so please continue reading, click the links, and get cooking.

last week i made two different kinds of veggie chips for healthy snacks during the biggest loser stuckenschneider edition. and i was quite impressed at how good vegetables can taste without loading them with salt, fat, bacon and/or cheese.

kale chips, recipe from door sixteen

kale chips

approximate servings: 1-4 (depending how hungry people are)
approximate cost: $1.50 (not including pantry items)
approximate time start to mouth:  45-50 minutes
purchased: kale
in the pantry: olive oil, lemon juice, salt

wow. these were quite the surprise. it was a fair amount of work (to wash, dry and cut a large amount of kale, i did a double batch) so i was thinking to myself “these better f’in taste good” after prepping the first of my two bunches.  well, they f’in did taste good. they were crispy, had a hint of salt, a hint of lemon and didn’t taste like a vegetable.

tip: be sure to have them in a single layer and to get them crispy. crunchy crispy. if not all are crispy, take off the ones that are, and put the rest back into the oven.

sweet potato chips, recipe from what’s gaby cooking

sweet potato chips
approximate servings: 2-4 (depending on size of potato and hunger)
approximate cost: $1.00 (not including pantry items)
approximate time start to mouth:  40 minutes
purchased: sweet potato
in the pantry: parmesan cheese (used pre-grated), paprika, garlic salt, s&p, olive oil

mmmm. sweet but savory. instead of cutting the potato very thin, which is hard to do unless you have morimoto’s knife skills (iron chef america, anyone? love it!), you use a vegetable peeler to peel the entire potato in strips. genius. this allows for very thin chips that get very crispy.

note: i did find them to be a tad salty, so next time i will omit the additional 1/2 teaspoon of plain salt.

tip: make sure the strips are in a single layer, or make sure you flip the strips halfway through. a lot stuck together (which i should have anticipated) and those that did did not get that crispy (but they were still good).

my only issue with both chips was that i don’t know how to store them correctly, apparently. as these are healthy and delicious, there is no problem with eating the whole batch at once. however, i made both of these post-dinner (right after one another), so we didn’t eat many of them right away. i stored the chips in large ziplock bags and when i went to eat them the next day, i found they hadn’t stayed crispy. i was so disappointed.  all that work, for almost nothing. huge sad face. the kale chips were so not good non-crispy (tasted like a wilted vegetable). i didn’t mind the sweet potato chips non-crispy (ryan did not like), though they are 100% better when crispy. anyone have any suggestion on how to store these, so they stay crispy and don’t get stale?

bottom line: go buy some kale and sweet potatoes and get your chip on. you will do yourself a favor, with all the nutrients (kale is a “super food”) and yummyness going on.  and let me know if you figure out how to store them.



5 thoughts on “recipe recos: veggie chips (seriously good stuff)

  1. For storage: were the chips completely cool before you put them in the Ziploc bag?
    I’ve made Kale Chips from a Food and Wine recipe before that sounds pretty much like the recipe you made, YUM. The Food and Wine recipe also suggested a Lemon-Yogurt dip that was pretty delish as well, although it might slightly decrease the health factor. If you want to try the dip just wisk the following ingredients together and season with salt and pepper:
    1 cup fat-free plain Greek yogurt
    1 teaspoon finely grated lemon zest
    2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

    • i’m pretty sure the kale was, and i know the sweet potato ones were, since i almost forgot to put them away before bed. ooh, that lemon-yogurt dip sounds delish–i’m kind of obsessed with lemon right now for some reason. thanks! hope things are going well in minneapolis!

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