a random friday list

1. i don’t have a cake pan. how do i not have a cake pan? (so i made cake in a cheesecake pan)

2. i was making said cake until 10:30pm last night (which is so past my bedtime)

3. one-layer cakes are stupid. they look ridiculous (bobby deen, you are the professional, you should never have posted a recipe for a one-layer cake. even if it was for a “lighter” cake). (you were making your mom’s recipe lighter, so now it probably has the calories of a normal cake. but a normal cake should have more than one layer!) (unless ,you know, that one layer is huge. which this is not).

4. i’m bringing said cake to book club tonight (first meeting! super excited). i feel ridiculous bringing a ridiculous looking cake (but all the flavors did taste good as i was making them. so there’s that).

5. i hate when i wash something with a kleenex in it (this is not uncommon unfortunately).

yucky pocket

6. i’m digging the color combo of my sweater and nails (purple +  bright coral)

7. it really sucks when your blow dryer breaks while you are using it  (it may have sparked and made a popping noise and i may or may not have screamed). there is a trip to target in my future now, and that’s always dangerous.

8. tgif

hope you have a great weekend!




3 thoughts on “a random friday list

  1. Orange is supposed to be in this season with color combos such as orange/purple, orange/pink, orange/navy. I learned that from my RealSimple magazine (a subscription you bought for me). Thank you very much.

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