recipe reco: coconut macaroons (& a weekend recap)

annnnnd it’s monday again. yuck. i am crazy busy at work and i’m also starting new workout classes tonight (after a month; it will be painful), so i’m not a fan of this week thus far.

first, a recipe recommendation: caramelly coconut macaroons

i have to be honest, i’ve never had a macaroon before. don’t even really know what it is. but this recipe for caramelly coconut macaroons by mara at what’s for dinner caught my eye. i love caramel, i love coconut, i love chocolate and i love easy.


(geez the coloring is out of whack in these photos. i tried my best. tres annoying.)

approximate servings: a lot (maybe 50-60 macaroons?)
approximate cost: $6.50 (not including pantry items)
approximate time start to mouth: 45 minutes (including cooling time)
purchased: two bags of coconut, one bag of chocolate chips
in the pantry: sour cream, eggs, brown sugar, white sugar, vanilla, flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt

my recipe notes:

-in the recipe, it says “scoop in desired size”, and i couldn’t tell exactly how big hers were in her photos. so i used my 1 1/2 tablespoon cookie scoop, not quite filled all the way. i think mine were larger than hers, as i had to keep them in the oven quite a bit longer, probably 20 – 25 minutes total.

-i dipped mine in milk chocolate, because that’s what i like (you could also do no chocolate, and they’re still awesome.)

these. were. amazing. they tasted like an almond joy (without the almond, which i remove anyway) with a hint of caramel flavor (bonus!). i still don’t know what a macaroon is, and i’m too lazy to google, but i’m a fan. i will end with ryan’s opinion: “they’re dangerous”. well said my man, well said.

second, a (boring) weekend recap:

-friday night was my first book club meeting. it was super fun. while we actually did talk about the book (for like 10 minutes), it was mostly chatting, drinking wine and eating delicious southern food (the book was the help, thus the southern theme). i made a caramel cake (“lighter” recipe by bobby deen) which tasted really good, but i gotta be honest, it looked ridiculous as a one layer cake (only about 1 1/2 inches high) and i probably won’t make it again. there was also crazy good bbq pulled pork sandwiches, home-made mac & cheese, pimento cheese dip, fried mac & cheese balls, apple & cheddar balls, biscuits and popcorn chicken and lots of wine/drinks (bye bye diet).

-somebody may have drank more than her share, so saturday was spent on the couch watching grown ups (corny but good) and other movies. ryan and i managed to get off the couch to shower to go to pf changs, my favorite chinese restaurant (their mongolian beef is to die for, and the lettuce wraps are delish). i did try a bite of the tuna appetizer that ryan ordered, and….no. we ended the night with yet another movie, the kids are all right, which was all right.

-sunday we went to costco and spent a ridiculous amount of money. typically we spend a lot there (it’s impossible to be under $100), but this was seriously a lot. then i ran errands for four hours. you would think i went to the suburbs and got stuck in traffic and went to many stores, but no, it was three stores that are no more than 15 minutes from my house: kohl’s, joann fabrics (insane in the membrane) and target (even more insane in the membrane). i got home and started  more burp cloths for even more babies (it’s baby season), got through two of, like, eight, and my machine stopped working. not quite sure what’s up, but it better be back up and running soon.

anyway. hope you had a great weekend. i highly recommend you try making the macaroons, if you like coconut (can understand if you don’t) and easy desserts (who doesn’t??).



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