happy birthday, mom!

happy birthday mother unit!

mom and i wedding

i appreciate your advice. your encouragement. your support. your cooking. your cooking genes. your recipes. your shopping genes (and finding a deal genes).

(but no thank you for the dessert gene. i would like to be able to eat a meal without needing dessert.)

i also appreciate you still loving me after my high school years. i’m sure it was tough. i apologize (here’s a public apology). i’m glad i turned out all right and can now consider you a friend.

you are the best mom around (i’m not biased or anything) and i’m lucky to have you. hope you have a great day!





2 thoughts on “happy birthday, mom!

  1. That was so incredibly sweet of you. Although you didn’t need to apologize for your teenage years , maybe your sisters will cut you some slack now.
    Your words are the best gift a mother could receive. Thank so very much my sweet daughter. I love you.

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