a (random) playlist

i sometimes have tasks at work that are…boring. playing music helps the non-diagnosed add to settle down so i can focus and get the job done. these are the songs that i’m currently obsessed with and play on repeat (in case you’re looking for some new music and may not have heard these yet. though i’m sure you have, cause they’re awesome. so you should listen anyway):

strange overtones, david byrne and brian eno (this belongs in a movie)

little lion man, mumford and sons (they did such a great job at the grammys)

someone like you, adele (holy crap she’s talented) (it starts at about 1:08)

home, edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros (i can’t describe how much i love this)

also, watch this. it’s adorable and i need to have a little girl asap so ryan and her can recreate this:

first day of my life, bright eyes (in love with this song. this would have played at my wedding had i known it then)

i love the way you lie, eminem (my high school crush is back in force, he is just so talented. i watched the grammys to see his performance, and it was amazeballs. not liking the music video very much though.)

dogs days are over, florence + the machine (this makes me dance. in my chair. at work. embarassing, yes, but i love it.)

beg steal or borrow, ray lamontagne (can not wait to see them in concert in june at the pritzer pavillion!)

i’m sure those sitting around me at work are sick of these songs by now since i listen to them all. the. time. any songs you have on repeat? do tell, since eventually, some day, i will need new songs to rotate in.


p.s. i listen to music through grooveshark at work. it’s the bomb.


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