a healthy, weird afternoon snack

so this afternoon i was hungry and craving some sweets (when am i not). and i decided to try starfruit, a frozen treat shop in my building, since all their signs talk about being healthy. here’s a blurb from their website:

“…starfruit frozen treats are made from lifeway kefir…the secret to starfruit’s health-boosting power is the 10 live “probiotic” cultures found in lifeway kefir (yogurt typically contains just two or three). these good bacteria are the way to inner harmony. they aid digestion, boost immunity, promote weight loss, help fight lactose intolerance, prevent certain side effects from antibiotics and even help lower cholesterol.”

i ignored the “inner harmony” crap and focused on the “promote weight loss” benefit. a healthy dessert that will help me lose weight? sign me up. so i went. and i made it slightly less healthy with some heath bar bits and a caramel drizzle.


(there are no toppings on the back half. i was going to ask for some more, but my thoughts of florida kept my mouth shut.)

it was…interesting. weird. not what i expected. the heath bars and caramel were stupendous, of course. but the kefir. the kefir was sweet and very tart. mouth puckering tart. it tasted kind of like a vanilla sweet tart.  which is not an actual flavor of sweet tarts, for a reason.

i wish i could say i liked it, because the health benefits kick arse. but i can’t say i will ever be getting kefir again, unfortunately. i didn’t even finish it, which says a lot. they do have other flavors that might work better with the tartness, such as pomegranate and peach, but i just don’t know if i can risk the money and calories on something i might not enjoy. bummer.

i think starfruit is only in chicago, but maybe there are other companies that sell a similar product. has anyone had this? your thoughts?

have a great weekend!



4 thoughts on “a healthy, weird afternoon snack

  1. Have you been to Red Mango or Berry Chill? I liked them better than Starfruit, personally (which is good, since there is a Red Mango here). If you ever decide to go back, I recommend strawberries, blueberries and chocolate chips. Those go really well with the tartness.

  2. Dunno about the kefir, but I would def recommend taking probiotics. Been taking one supplement a day since October and this is the first winter that I can remember that I haven’t been sick at all, not even sniffles!

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