happy birthday, beck!

happy fourth (28th) birthday to my little fur baby. i can’t believe how old you are! (you’re older than mommy and daddy now)


i am so thankful for you. you are the cutest thing i’ve ever seen (and i know i tell you this about, oh, 85 times a day. i’m sorry, i can’t help it).


you are the best cuddler. laying on the couch with you is something i can’t do enough of.


my favorite part of the day is coming home to you and getting one of your ridiculously cute smiles (if only you didn’t move around like a mad man when smiling so i could take a non-blurry photo of it). and your tiny teeth and under bite are just too cute for words.


you’re also a great model. i love how excited you get every time my camera comes out, even if nowadays it’s for photographing food and crafts – but you still get your camera time and love it (or rather, you love the treat that comes afterwards).

you are my best friend. i hope you get all the treats, walks and naps you could ever dream of. i love you to pieces.


p.s. the new lonny is live. i haven’t had time to ogle it yet, hopefully soon!


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