weekend recap: friends & family

this past weekend was a blur of friends, family, cleaning and eating. it went by way too fast, even more so because of the time change (ok, only an hour faster, but still). i love that it will by light out when i leave work, but the “spring ahead” time change makes it hard to fall asleep and wake up, so i’m quite tired today.

friday ryan and i had dinner at a byob argentinian steakhouse, tango sur, with friends holly and fritz. it was our first time and it was delicious. all four of us shared a couple appetizers and the most gigantic steak i’ve ever seen, and still had leftovers. after dinner we headed to an improv comedy show at the io theater and had a bunch of laughs.

ry & i

fritz & hollyfritz & holly

saturday we had my family over for dinner to celebrate my mom’s birthday, so the day was spent cleaning the house (it’s kind of nice to have a reason to clean, since i’ve been fairly lazy lately) and making some food.

we started off the night eating some appetizers of pesto pinwheels

pesto pinwheels

and chili cheese dip (courtesy of my sisters),

cheese dip

and played a surprisingly hard game, battle of the sexes (though we did learn some things).

battle of the sexes

we made people cook their own dinner……fondue!


we served steak, chicken, zucchini, mushrooms and peppers to cook, with the option of a beer batter, as well as ranch, bbq sauce and a teriyaki sauce for dipping. so fun and good.

while the dessert was baking, we played a game our friends taught us (holly & fritz) that we might have to come up with a way to sell, it’s so hilarious. it’s kind of a cross between telephone and pictionary (which is probably confusing, but it’s the best i got).


for dessert i made the pioneer woman’s blackberry cobbler, served piping hot with vanilla ice cream.


it was so warm when served (even after sitting for 10 minutes or so), the candles were melting from the bottom up as well (and you can see how they were falling as a result, below).

cobbler & candles

it may have been the fastest rendition of happy birthday we’ve ever sung.

the night was so much fun, and it was great to spend time with my whole family, including  my sister jenna who was home from college.

jenna & jordanjordan & jenna


justine & momme & mom

sunday there were a lot of dishes to clean, i made it to another workout class (for the fourth time since monday’s first one. yay me.) and ryan and i enjoyed indian food for dinner while watching due date (quite funny).

how was your weekend?did you eat as much as i did even though you’re supposed to be on a diet? remember to set your clocks ahead?

have a great week. i’ll be back later today, as it’s somebody special’s birthday today.



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