fantastic finds

i am in love. with fabric.

fave fabric


fabric close up

it’s perfection. it will look fabulous in my future house (that will have white and gray walls, i’ve already decided). the colors of the fabric provide such inspiration. the coral. the light turquoise. the yellow. the purple. the red. the pink. my mind is spinning.

it’s a vintage brunschwig & fils fabric, which is apparently a well-known, not cheap designer company (i know nothing, this is coming from the lady at the store. apparently the company has a showroom at the merchandise mart, where i work. i will have to go take a look!)

fabric info

it’s probably the best thing to come out of the 80’s, besides myself.

i found the fabric at a pop-up estate sale store during my lunch break a few weeks ago (thank you sarah for bringing me),  in the corner of the store basement. i wanted it immediately, but since i’m on a spending diet i was a bit nervous how much the woman was asking. when she said “$25” i didn’t even haggle. sold (i would have so regretted it if i had not bought it. therefore, i allowed myself to buy it). i estimate i have about six yards which is only about $4 per yard, which is ridiculous for such gorgeous, thick linen fabric.

i have no idea what i will do with it. obviously pillows would be fabulous. and a chair covered in this would be such a great statement (i need to find a great chair from craigslist or a thrift store). or i could frame a large piece of it for artwork. or all of the above (but probably not all in the same room). so many possibilities. and i’m already nervous of running out of it! (could not find it online for the life of me, so there’s no chance of getting more). (yes, i’m weird).

i also picked up a great teak tray for $12. it needs some cleaning up, but that should be easy. the hard part is deciding what to do with it. i thought about painting it as i’ve seen many bloggers do (a stencil or zig zag pattern), but it is gorgeous wood (even though i’m not a big fan of wood) so i don’t know. decisions, decisions.  i hate making decisions.

teak tray

it’s made in sweden. which is cool (why not?)

made in sweden

i’m so excited to show you where the fabric ends up and how the tray turns out. but don’t hold your breath, because it will be a loooong while. but in the meantime, i can look at them and smile, because they make me happy. and that’s what matters, right? anyone else find any great finds recently? or have a fabric that is the love of your life? (ok, could be just me)



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