lonny loves {march/april}

i’m still here. i know i haven’t posted this past week or two as frequently as normal (as if anyone noticed…) but i’ve been crazy busy lately with work, weekend plans and actually working out (go me). and to add to the lack of posts, over the weekend our laptop broke which makes it hard to edit photos  and write posts 😦

i had wanted to do a weekend recap, but that’s no fun with no photos (i did have a couple, despite my overall lack of taking them). in nutshell: march madness, cards and wings friday night, on saturday: errands, sewing and watching the fighter –ladies, you must watch, if only for mark wahlberg’s ridiculous body, and on sunday i worked out, made butternut squash soup for a progressive dinner with our neighbors and ate way way way too much at said progressive dinner.

so with no photos of my own, i wanted to provide some eye candy, courtesy of the recent issue of lonny (which i finally had a chance to read).

lonny stripes

at first i was unsure if i liked this room, but the more i look at it, the more it grows on me (though i don’t think i could ever pull this off in my own house). i’m a sucker for a room with mixed styles and this one definitely has it going on with the modern/graphic look mixed with rustic and antique. the hide rug is also rocking. and i love the pop of green (my favorite color) from the couch.

lonny closet

there are no words. except jealously.

lonny tub

i am not a bath taker, but perhaps if i had this bathroom i would be. i’m loving the black window frames, the marble and the simple, gorgeous freestanding tub.

lonny banquette

i am on a banquette kick lately. don’t know why. but this image spoke to me. loving the black window frames here too.

lonny kitchen and banquette

not only does this kitchen rock my world (hello white cabinets with marble countertops and an awesome light fixture) but it also has a banquette as well.

did you read the new issue of lonny yet? any images get added to your inspiration files? and, did you have a great weekend? hope so!


p.s. i hope to get the laptop fixed soon, or use ryan’s work computer in the meantime, as i have a couple sewing projects and recipes to share with you. so, hopefully stay tuned (and please bear with me). thank you to everyone who actually reads this; i started this blog for myself, not expecting anyone besides my family (and maybe not even them) to read it, but i’ve discovered other folks do read it, and i love getting comments about how much someone likes it. it makes me happy. and makes me want to continue writing even more (but also puts more pressure on!)

p.p.s. i have 163 blog posts to read…which makes me insane. i hate not having time for my blogs (this also shows the ridiculous amount of blogs i read).


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