a few things…

1. i suppose i owe an update on the biggest loser stuckenschneider fat camp: i have lost…0 pounds. nada. nothing (and ryan has lost 12 lbs. of course. men. really though, it’s great for him).

while i’m not suprised, i’m still disappointed and discouraged. why have i been eating fish and quinoa and brussel sprouts and ridiculous amounts of asparagus when i could be eating cupcakes and fried things and cheese and cookies and red meat? ok, so i may have eaten some or all of the above, but, in moderation and waaaaaay less than normal. like, my weekday diet has totally changed (weekends…i’m still working on the dinners.)

i’ve also started working out (so wtf scale?). i bought a living social deal of one-month unlimited membership to a “fitness studio” (indigo studio) and have been going four times a week for two weeks now. which leads me to my next point….

2. this is my workout schedule for the next couple days:

workout class schedule

those three classes three days in a row are in addition to the two classes i’ve already taken this week on sunday and monday. if i make it to one on saturday, that will be six workout classes in one week. that may be a lifetime record for myself. booyah.

unfortunately my month ends april 7 and i can’t afford the regularly priced classes, so i will have to motivate myself to do fitness dvds at home (borrowed from a neighbor–thanks deb and from netflix). hopefully the weather will remember that it’s spring now and actually warm up so i can also take long walks with beck and walk to/from work.

regardless of my big fat flop of losing weight so far, there’s still two months until i have to be in a bathing suit, so i am hunkering down and will lose weight. if i think i can, i can. if i think i can’t, i won’t. (um, yea, we’ll see.)

3. i just bought these:


{grey stone-washed canvas}

i’m so excited for these to arrive so i can wear immediately (you know i love packages)! i’ve heard really good things about toms shoes and these will be my first pair, of probably many. bonus – for every pair you buy, they donate a pair to a child in need (similar to my warby parker glasses. except they donate glasses, not shoes, obviously).

4. the new march/april issue of rue is live! go forth, read and be happy.

rue march/april

so those are my random four updates/thoughts/ramblings for today. hope you have a good rest of the week. mine will be spent working, working out and trying not to eat anything.


p.s. in may i will be walking the american brain tumor association’s path to progress 5k  in memory of my father-in-law. i have added a button to my sidebar in case you would like to walk with us or you are able to donate any amount, big or small. i don’t want to push it on people, but it’s for a great cause and it’s there if you need it….


8 thoughts on “a few things…

  1. I am proud of you for working out AND eating healthy. It’s tough!
    Let’s work out when you are in town next weekend and take the buddy and fur buddies for long walks.
    I have a goal of losing 15lbs before our trip to Mexico in two months. Let’s make losing weight a competition and that could make it more fun.

    • thanks sis. and it is! ridiculously hard. which is probably why i haven’t lost anything. we should definitely work out, since i’m there for almost four days! i will bring my stuff for the gym, and for walking!

  2. I JUST bought my first pair of Toms on Saturday! I got the yellow stone-washed canvas so very similar to yours. As soon as I tried them on, I couldn’t believe I waited so long.

  3. hmmm, let me know how you like the toms. i’m in love with the silver sequin ones and really want to get them. i saw them once at o’hare – super cute with jeans and a white T!

    i hope you like the workout videos. let me know if you ever want to come over and we can kick brian out and do them together. they’re tough! i’m super lacking motivation tonight and your yummy strawberry lemonade cupcake did NOT help my cause! hahahah. it was enjoyed though!

    • ooh, i love the silver sequin ones! i just bought silver boat shoes, so i went with the gray instead.

      we may need to start doing the workout videos together, for motivation purposes. maybe we should wear leotards and leg warmers??

      and thanks – will post the recipe on the blog, once our laptop gets fixed. glad you enjoyed 🙂

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