recipe reco: crispy bourbon (rum) glazed salmon

folks. i made and ate salmon for the first time last night. this is huuuge. as i’ve heard that salmon is a “fishy fish” and i only just started eating fish (tilapia), i figured i wouldn’t eat salmon, at least for a long time. but then. then jessica at how sweet it is posted a recipe for crispy bourbon glazed salmon.

i made it. and i ate it. and i actually enjoyed it. this may be one small step for man but it’s one giant leap for justine (i apologize. that just came out).

here’s my craptastic iphone photo taken at night (no computer still peeps):

salmon - crappy i phone pic

(served with a side of kale chips)

and here’s jessica’s one million time better photo:

salmon - how sweet it is

yes, now you want to make it.

i made a half recipe since it was only ryan and i, and there’s still half of the glaze left, despite my many applications throughout my meal. i could drink the glaze if i wanted to (it’s that good) but i’ll probably just save it for my second helping ever of salmon (since i’m sure i can’t get a buzz of it), or it would probably be great on chicken or pork chops.

this recipe calls for broiling the salmon, which makes a crispy, delightful crust (and a fun popping sound).

tip: if you are all out of bourbon (the travesty!) use dark rum (which never ever runs out in my house). i did and it was still amazing.

i do have to be honest and say that salmon is still not my favorite – i enjoy tilapia a lot more – but i will be eating it again and again to soak up all those omega-3’s and other healthy things, thanks to this recipe.

so yea. salmon. try it!

and have great weekend!


p.s. if you love food, especially desserts, you should follow how sweet it is. it’s ridiculous. i do warn you, you may gain 10 or 20 pounds (i have been having lots of self control, though it’s very hard).


8 thoughts on “recipe reco: crispy bourbon (rum) glazed salmon

  1. I am SO proud of you for eating salmon. It really is a very fishy fish. I hate fish too and refuse to eat it. The only thing I like is tuna. One excellent recipe is a Tuna BLT.
    Sourdough ( toasted)
    Wasabi mayo
    High quality tuna, seared in oil olive until mendium
    applewood smoked bacon
    seriously, it is out of this world and yummy with a side of grapes.
    Want to try it when you come in town to visit? I can’t wait to see you and if Jimmy couls talk he would say the same thing.

    • thanks. it is fishy, the smell was…yuck. but it actually ended up tasting good, with lots of the glaze. i’m not sure about tuna…that’s another one that makes me nervous. i tried ryan’s tuna appetizer at mongolian bbq the other week, and i wasn’t a fan. maybe it’s the doneness that is offputting? (i hate things any type of rare). and, can NOT wait to see you guys!

  2. congrats, salmon eater! this is super similar to the miso salmon i was telling you about. you can order it at grande lux restaurant too – delish!

    um, there is NO WAY i would follow that blog. it is ridiculously AMAZING and i would get so fat! serious, the desserts on there are ungodly….

    • thanks! while i did enjoy this, i think it will be a while before i spend my hard earned money on fish while dining out. haha. someday i’ll try it!

      and, i know. totally amazing. i have bookmarked like 8,000 recipes that i shouldn’t make, but i’m sure i will at some point, ha.

  3. That sounds delicious! I will definitely be trying this recipe. I have a delicious Teriyaki Salmon recipe that I like to make on the grill. I’ll have to make you some this summer : )

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