weekend recap

weekend #13 of the year is over. and as far as weekends go, it was a good one.

there was relaxing on friday night with homemade pizza and season one of modern family.

saturday included working out (a zumba class – man do i feel uncoordinated. but it’s the effort/cardio that counts, right?), cleaning for our second showing ever (fingers crossed, but not holding our breaths) and a girls night since our men had fantasy baseball draft.

we had apps and wine and then went to fiorentino’s, a yummy italian place (i ordered ricotta stuffed gnocchi in a pesto sauce – mmmm).

i couldn’t find my camera to take a group pic, but brooke and holly helped a girl out and took pics of the lovely ladies sitting across from them…

rita & holly

{rita & holly}

justine & brooke

{me & brooke}

we had good convo, good food and good fun – girls night need to happen more often in my opinion. even though we see each other plenty, it’s just something about the men not being there that makes it more…special. or something.

on sunday there was another zumba class (yup, still uncoordinated) and dinner at my grandparent’s place to celebrate my grandma’s birthday. it was quite the ordeal to plan it (let’s just say wonky hearing ads and not the best memory) but in the end it was so great to see them and other family members (another thing that has to happen more often).

aren’t they the cutest?

grandma & grandpa

grandma & grandpa kiss

and now it’s back to the grind. but next weekend starts a day early for this girl as friday (and the rest of the weekend) will be spent in st. louis loving on my nephew who i haven’t seen since thanksgiving. i cannot wait.

hope your weekend was a good one too.


p.s. congrats to melissa and jeff on their new baby girl! i cannot believe you have a baby (my gosh we’re getting old) and i can’t wait to meet her! (maybe someday i’ll post about the shower gifts i made for her, before she’s a year old…maybe)


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