my new obsession

i love cake stands. and i’ve decided that i will start collecting them. because i love them so.  i’m sure ryan’s reading this right now and saying “no way jose” (probably not jose, that’s my addition), but i’m not saying right this instant, but when i finally have a nice, bigger place. and collections aren’t (usually) amassed all at once, but rather, throughout time (though i am pretty impatient).

#1 reason for my obsession and desire to collect? parties!

pretty cake pedestals{via sweet and saucy supply}

what a beautiful sight! you know i love me some dessert, and this is what every party needs. a beautiful table of cake stands filled with scrumptious desserts.

my collection is at one right now. i currently own this clear glass domed beauty from crate & barrel (thanks to my mother-in-law).

glass c&b(not my actual one. i’ve never made a cake so perfect…yet)

hopefully one of these beauties will be #2 (and 3, 4, 5, 6…) in my collection…

milk glass ruffled edge{via etsy}

black cake stand{via sweet and saucy supply}

white stand_amazon{via amazon}

black and white{via sweet and saucy supply}

martha stewart jadite{via ebay}

if you see any lovely cake stands while thrifting/ebaying, keep me in mind 😉 do you have a collection of something, or want to start one?


p.s. congrats to my cousin jenny & her husband justin, on the birth of their gorgeous daughter jillian joy on tuesday. can’t wait to meet her (and hope she enjoys her blanket and burp cloths)!


7 thoughts on “my new obsession

  1. This came at a perfect time for me to read! We are doing a cake table (I seriously already had that top picture saved) at the wedding with individual round cakes and I am on the hunt for them. Found 3 vintage ones. I registered for this one too:
    And also am making some from vases and plates.

    (And to answer your question, I started collecting salt and pepper shakers 2 yrs ago)

    • love that idea! your wedding will be amazeballs, i’m sure. you have such great style. you should show me the ones you make – perhaps a guest blog post?? 🙂 also – love the salt & pepper shaker collection. i have a really cute pair that i love from anthropologie.

      • Ooooh yes I will guest-blog and hopefully it will make me do my own! I am off to try to get some supplies. I will take a picture of the vintage cake stands I found and if you like it, I’ll send you one after the wedding! Seriously, I will have so many and I bought a set of 4 so I will only want to keep one.

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