weekend recap: st. louis

this past weekend was fun-tastic. it was three days, i got to see my nephew (for the first time since thanksgiving!), hang out with my sister- and brother-in-law and the weather was perfect. i of course took a crapload of photos and here’s a (large) sample of the weekend happenings in st. louis…

cruisin down 55

{the car ride down, trying out my instagram app}
(hello dirty windows)

ryan & jimmy

ry & jimmy


{a family walk on a gorgeous day}

stone wall


jimmy play time

puffs are hard to grab

{nom nom nom}


{i can’t get enough of these feet}

jimmy and justine


{one of about a thousand kisses}



grandpa & ryan

{stuckenschneider men}




{wine enjoyed outside}

bath time

{bath time}

bath time


{ryan’s famous ribs}

honey bourbon

{new found deliciousness. seriously, go get some.}

jimmy no shirt

{i die.}

beck ride home

{beck enjoying the weather on the ride home}

isn’t jimmy the cutest little thing?! don’t you just want to kiss those cheeks all day!? (i definitely did) he’s getting so big.  i wish we didn’t live so far, but i do get lots of pics to hold me over.

how was your weekend? hope the week treats you right!




4 thoughts on “weekend recap: st. louis

  1. Jimmy’s the cutest little boy!! He looks so much like Sarah. I can’t wait to meet the little guy in May (and see his Mom & Dad too). Great pictures Justine!

    • he is, isn’t he! he looked like mike when he was born, he is getting more sarah in him. sarah thinks he’s looking like jim…he’s a combo baby. i can’t wait for the walk!

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