i want

i was flipping through a new west elm catalog last night and my eyes about popped out of my head when i saw this photo:

west elm amazeballs chairs

i want these chairs.

i want this backyard (or any backyard, really).

i want $2,000 to buy these 4 chairs (not to mention $ for the fire pit, side tables, cushions, the stone tree surround, the landscaping, the mortgage payment. and a pool that isn’t pictured but dreamed of).

can anyone help a girl out with any or all of the above?



5 thoughts on “i want

  1. Justine, check out http://www.sourceoutdoor.net. I can order anything on there for you for a pretty good deal. Let me know. You’ll love their line!!!!

    Also check out parmidahome.com. That’s where I work. They’re building two on the outskirts of Chi-town. You will ❤ it! Hope you are well.


    • nice, thanks! there’s some good stuff…if i ever have a nice backyard and some money, i will hit you up! i will definitely have to check out the store when they open–keep me updated. do you get to come visit the store? hopefully!

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