weekend recap: it’s finally spring

currently, at 10 pm, it’s 78 degrees out still. love! i’m sitting next to an open window with the breeze blowing in and it feels wonderful. i love that spring finally has shown its pretty little self this weekend.

speaking of the weekend, it was full of food and friends…

friday night we went to piece for my favorite pizza…

brooke with pizza

{brooke with ginormous white pizza}

brooke and john

{john & brooke at piece}

boys at piece

{ryan, fritz and john}

ry and i at piece

{ryan & i at piece}

saturday we want to look at a couple house (one has potential, we’ll see!)…beck and i went on a long walk….i did some baking…


{healthy banana oatmeal & chocolate chip cookies}
{recipe to come}

and some cooking…


{healthy enchiladas}
{recipe to come}

and enjoyed some great mexican food and margaritas with brooke, john, fritz and ryan (i ordered fish – fish tacos – for the first time ever in a restaurant. big weekend for moi!)…


{hello margarita}

{excuse the horrendous, dark, horribly colored iphone pics}

fritz with burrito

{fritz with his burrito}

sunday i meet the beautiful delainey grace and fell in love….

delainey sleeping

delainey sleeping

delaine mohawk

{she’s got the cutest little mohawk}

delainey feet

delainey yawn


and enjoyed the weather by taking beck for another long walk and doing some plantings for inside the house….


{basil & parsley…we’ll see how it goes!}


{succulents…supposed to not die on me :)}

(i was hoping to buy some wheat grass too, but home depot didn’t have any. anyone know where to get some?)

here’s hoping  the spring weather stays for good. were you able to enjoy the weather?

have a great week.



4 thoughts on “weekend recap: it’s finally spring

  1. Justine,
    You can get wheatgrass at Whole Foods two ways. You can buy it already growing in the produce department or as wheat berries (seeds) in the bulk section. Put a thick layer on dirt and water it with a squirt bottle a couple of times a day until well sprouted – then you can just water it normally. It grows like crazy, I have to cut mine every 2-3 days!

    • thanks so much margie! i will be going to whole foods this weekend! do you have it just for looks, or do you put it in smoothies? mine’s just for looks, but may (emphasis on may) try it in a smoothie.

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