weekend recap: the burbs

i have the song “another one bites the dust” in my head, and it unfortunately references the weekend…the weekend i was in the burbs hanging with my fam while ryan was out of town. since moving into my own place, i’ve found it’s always quite nice to go home and be treated like a guest – be fed well, sleep in a bed with fresh sheets (that i didn’t have to wash) and have good company (and have drinks made for you).

saturday morning, my mom and i started with a bit of this (while jordan watched, and laughed):

workout dvd

it was definitely difficult, but i’m glad i did it. i will try to keep up on this, though it was easier to be motivated with my mom.

afterwards, my mom, sister and i shopped till we dropped. here’s what came home with me:


{i have plans, big plans. ok, not really. just one, small plan. stay tuned}

wheat grass seeds

{wheatgrass seeds, aka hard red wheat. and a new pot. for the cilantro i forgot.}

shirt & glasses

{new sunglasses and a fab shirt}


{i’m not a huge heels person, but these rock. i can’t wait to wear them.}


{an awesome dress for my florida vacay. pairs so well with my new heels.}

i also acquired another item, given to me in this decrepit box (ooh, the mystery):


a thermometer.  i can’t figure out exactly how old it is, but given my grandparents ordered it (and kept it in it’s box after all these years–what? why?), i’m sure it’s pretty old. i will have to try it out.


beck and lacy provided entertainment and wore each other out.

beck and lacy

beck and lacy




{hello there}

we further ensured beck will sleep for days and went on a long walk at the marsh.


{best friends}

i also got my craft on and made a jersey knit bracelet.


{instructions by v and co}

the gray jersey fabric was also used to make myself another flower necklace (joining my previously made yellow & white seersucker version).


{instructions via little miss momma}

sunday night ryan and i finished the first season of modern family (love) and then the weekend bit the dust. and i woke up this april monday morning to snow (wtf?) how was your weekend?

happy monday.



4 thoughts on “weekend recap: the burbs

  1. beck and lacy are soo cute and im jealous you all got to shop till you drop…i like those necklaces and bracelets you made. i would have been laughing along with jordan during that workout video. and snow? that sucks its supposed to be a lovely 77 here today in gold old ky jelly

    • they are so cute, they’re besties. you did miss a good shopping trip…you may or may not have been bought something though. and if you were there, we would have forced you to do the video too. jordan had soccer as an excuse. and thank you! perhaps i can make you one if you want, or i can show you how. and screw you and your ky jelly weather. 🙂

      • ohh i may or may not have been bought something…i like the sounds of that. haha jordan would worm her way out with soccer. im not very crafty so idk if id be able to make one even if i was showed how. i cant wait to see lacy and ill be able to see beck too on the 14th!

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