for the love of chevron

chevron (aka zigzags) is hot. and i like love it. it’s been popping up everywhere, from rugs…

ikat and chevron


jonathan adler liz lange house

{via jonathan adler}

to couches…

Classic Kitchen ant Chic Study contemporary living room
{via houzz}
to furniture…

to floors…

wood floor

(do they even make floors like that anymore? i think not. the travesty!)

to walls…

chevron wall

to drapes…



to art…

diy wall art


to throws…

jonathan adler throw

{via jonathan adler}

to pillows….

yellow pillow

{via made}

and the list goes on and on and on as chevron is so versatile – it comes in many colors and forms, lends itself well to diy and it pairs well with other prints.

my chevron collection (as of now) is limited to a pillow i sewed using fabric ordered from tonic living. my favorite model likes to use the pillow as a headrest…or a bed, as the couch itself is just not enough for him (not to mention his own bed…or the floor).



do you like chevron? have any of it in your home? i’d love to see it!



One thought on “for the love of chevron

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