weekend recap: egg-citement

i hope you had a great weekend. mine was quite busy – lots of egg-citement if i do say so (i’m really not that cheesy, but i had to. ok, maybe i am. sometimes). i took a lot of pics, so i’ll let them mainly speak for themselves…

we went out for dinner, drinks and some bowling friday night.

southport lanes

bowling shoes

faux socks

{holly didn’t have socks…so we made her some}



{old school score keeping}

holly and a ball

the boys

{blurry but cute}



{i’m sure the scores are quite wrong…but i am proud of my two strikes}

saturday i finally bought myself some cake pans, and made a lovely cake for sunday – that i completely forgot in my fridge {insert near tears, some swears, and blaming ryan for rushing me while leaving}. fail. that night we celebrated brooke’s big birthday with a party and some comedy – we saw the cupid players at the io theater (highly recommend).


{smitten kitchen’s best birthday cake}

cake filling

{homemade strawberry whipped cream filling}

(and then i frosted it with my favorite lemonade frosting, but neglected to take a photo of the finished product, since my topping decoration idea failed, and then i was going to pipe frosting decorations at my parent’s house on easter…and then, you know, i forgot the cake).

(topping idea? sugar bird’s nest, with my favorite cadbury mini eggs and a peep. cute, right? i tried twice, and then gave up.)

bad nests


not a nest

(this? is not a birds nest}

i brought the cake to work on monday, so it wasn’t a total waste. i think they enjoyed it:

cake remains

{the remains}

at the party



{fritz enjoyed the pbr pint jars at io}

and then it was easter. we went over to my parent’s house, feasted on great food and had a great time.




{zoe, beck’s sister}



{the grillmaster}

j & j

{aunt joann & uncle jim}

jimmy's toes

{uncle jim’s painted toes}

(so you can’t see it very well. but they were painted. and pink. and i said i would put his painted toes on the internets. so i did.)

(he indulges his granddaughter)

(and likes it)

ryan and dad

jess & phil

mom and i

lemon bars

{lemon bars i whipped up to replace my forgotten cake}

caramel heath cake

{mom’s delish caramel heath cake}


{post dinner walk}

whew. busy busy. and now i’m tired tired. how was your weekend?



4 thoughts on “weekend recap: egg-citement

  1. Looks like you had a great Easter! I am sad we couldn’t spend it together. Miss you!
    Where did you get the ideas of the bird nest? Do you have pictures?

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