do you pin?

the gods of procrastination,  beautiful things and sharing had a threesome, procreated and made an amazing baby called pinterest. have you heard of it? i know blogland has been going crazy with it lately, and since i too am a pinner and believer, i had to write my own post proclaiming the awesomeness.

if you haven’t heard of it, pinterest is a site where you can create collections (aka boards) of things you love, share them with others, and follow others to see what inspires them.

you can read more about how it works on the site, but basically you install the ‘pin it button’ to your bookmarks bar (circled in purple, below), and whenever you come across something you love/want to remember, click your pin it button, choose which board to save it to, and you’re done. the best part is pinterest saves the original link so you can easily access and source the original information.

pinterest home

if you see something you love that someone else pinned, simply repin it to one of your own boards. and if someone repins one of your pins, you get an email letting you know, which may make you way more giddy with excitement that someone “likes” you (or your pin, rather) than you ever should be (not that i know. because i know i’m cool. i don’t need affirmations) (please repin).

(all this talk of pins and boards may be confusing. so sorry. but it all starts to make sense once you’re a pinterest user).

if you are currently a pinner (pinhead?), or do become one, you can see what i’m loving and follow me (if you so wish) here.

the only catch is it takes some time to get access – i requested an invitation and it took a few weeks until i got the acceptance email. which was pretty exciting. it’s like forgetting you ordered something, and then getting a package in the mail.

between pinterest, polyvore and blogs, i need to quit my job so i can spend my days staring at my computer screen being blown away with inspiration…and with anyfree time after that, trying to recreate (or shop for) the things that have so inspired me (if there really is a job doing just that, and there is an opening, please contact me immediately).

as pinterest says, “happy pinning!”.


p.s. i’ve been quite busy and stressed lately, so i haven’t had time to post as often as i would like, catch up on editing images or writing posts that are overdue, or find time for post inspiration – i apologize.  the month ahead looks to be the same busyness and stressfulness (or even more so), so please bear with me! i do have some news (no i’m not pregnant) that i hope find time to post about in the next week or so that will explain most of my stress.


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