a reward {sort of}

with three weeks left until my florida vacation (the reason for my new ‘way of life’), the results are this: i suck at losing weight.

so far, it took me forever to lose 3 measly pounds, i gained the 3 measly pounds back after a binge weekend and now i have finally lost the three measly pounds again. which puts me still 4 pounds away from my florida goal weight, and 14 pounds away from my final goal weight.

i planned on rewarding myself of meeting my vacation goal weight with a new bathing suit from j. crew, since their suits are so cute and way more expensive than what i would normally spend. so, ummm, that’s kind of still the plan, even though i haven’t reached my goal weight and i don’t technically deserve it. but here’s the thing. i have worked my ass off (for the most part) the past 2 1/2 months, eating my veggies, eating fish, trying to like quinoa and whole grains, drinking less, and sweating, a lot. i am so sick of walking, of working out at 7 am, of worrying about calories, and of ordering fish in a restaurant when all i really want is a cheeseburger and fries, but i’m still doing it. and i’m going to continue to do it, because i will lose the 17 pounds i set out to lose from the beginning, even if it takes me two years (oh i hope not).

bottom line: i’m buying i bought myself a new swimsuit to wear on the beaches of florida. and even though i might not look as good in it as i would like, i will love every minute of soaking in the sun in my new suit (but i will not love the sand that finds its way into every nook and cranny).

here’s what i picked out (note: j. crew does not carry the suits in store, so i had to order different styles and different sizes, because who knows what i will like best and what will fit. total? $514, with free shipping. holy ouch. but most will be returned, in store):

swim suits!

clockwise, from top left: ruched betty french top in white, paradis paisley, twist bandeau underwire top in white, seersucker halter in gray

i can’t decide which i like the best, and i can’t predict which will come to florida with me, but the suspense is killing me! only 3-6 business days will tell…

do you have any favorites of the above? or any favorite places to shop for bathing suits?



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