{book reco}

i just finished this book during my lunch break.

the hunger games

(about 2 months late for the book club meeting i missed. much better late than never.)

very very quick summary: 24 children (12-18 years old) enter an arena for the annual hunger games, and only one may leave alive.

oh my word. after the first few chapters i couldn’t decide if i liked it, but yet i couldn’t put it down. soon after though i was quickly enamored and seriously addicted, it was like a drug. all i wanted to do was read the book. when i wasn’t reading this book, i was constantly thinking about it – about what happened and what will happen next.  i even talked about it with ryan, which is not usual. like he cared, but i just had to talk about it with someone, and he was there (i’m sad i missed the book club meeting to really discuss it).

the good news is there are two more books in the series, so i have something to look forward to. i’m guessing i will be adding them to my personal library like the first, as the public library usually takes quite a while…

(side note: i do think suzanne collins, the author, has to be a bit messed up in the head, a least a tiny bit, to come up with this storyline. at times it is a bit…disturbing (i have to be honest), but yet it is so so so good.)

(another side note: this book exemplifies why i love book club. i heard many good things about the book, but it didn’t seem up my alley so i never bothered to read it. but because it was a book club book, i was ‘forced’ to read it, and i loved it. just like the help.)

so. if you haven’t read it yet and are looking for a book to read, i highly recommend you pick up the hunger games. you will devour it.


no, i was not paid to read this. i wish.


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