weekend recap {cardboard jungle}

the last weekend between me and the beach is over! it was a busy, productive one. lots and lots of packing, patching holes and getting a window fixed. it wasn’t all work and no play though, we did find time to enjoy a delicious al fresco dinner saturday night at an italian restaurant a short walk away (and i proceeded to leave my amazing leftovers at the restaurant. devastation).

this is the most boring weekend recap…sorry. i did take photos though to show the state of my home:

patches{the downside of gallery walls? patching the holes.}

ghetto window{our ghetto window until wednesday}

no lid{the lids are packed}

such a mess

such a mess ii{heaven help me}

scary porch{hold me. i’m frightened. such a chaotic mess with a whole lotta crap.}

despite all those boxes, i still feel like there’s so. much. to. do. i’m not enjoying the cardboard jungle we’re living in and will be so glad when our move is over. and maybe then i’ll have more exciting things to share, huh?

did you have a much more exciting weekend than i? please share so i can live vicariously through you…



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