wheatgrass {a tutorial}

i grew some wheatgrass. because it’s pretty. and you can too! it’s supercalafragalistic easy.

buy some hard red wheat berries. after a tip, i found mine at whole foods in their bulk section. i bought about a pound, and had lots left over.

hard red wheat berries

soak the amount of seeds you think you’ll need (for this project i estimated about a cup, and ended up using only about 1/2 of that) overnight (or for two days because you didn’t have time the next day, like me).

put a layer of rocks on the bottom of your container for drainage.

rock layer

fill your container with soil almost to the top. i used a mix of regular soil and miracle-gro seed starting soil, with the miracle-gro filling the top half. slightly wet the soil.


soil layer

cover the top of the soil with the seeds.

seed layer

cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil. lightly water.

top soil

several times  a day (about three) mist with water. in a few days you should start to see sprouts. then watch the grass grow like crazy from there.

day 3 sprouts{day 3}

day 7{day 7}

day 13{day 13}

every couple days give the grass a haircut for a nice, trim look.

haircutted{day 13, post haircut}

fresh, colorful, easy, cheap. just how i like it.

(and don’t you just die over the pots? ikea!)


p.s. i am off to florida tomorrow! and then i move! so i’ll probably by mia for the next week, i know you’ll miss me (but maybe i’ll find time to share a couple pics here and there).

my goal for vacation is to be completely relaxed and stressed free,  not thinking about work or moving. and not gaining back the 6.5 pounds i’ve lost — that’s right, i am only .5 lbs away from my vacation goal weight! maybe when i weigh in tomorrow i will have officially reached it…we’ll see. either way i’m happy at my progress.

have a good memorial day weekend!


4 thoughts on “wheatgrass {a tutorial}

    • i do not–do be honest, i haven’t tried to do anything with my wheat grass except admire it! i would be interested in learning more about how to use the wheat grass….

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