we survived {aka it’s time to shop now}

we survived our move! there was a few times throughout the two day process of finishing packing, painting, cleaning and actually moving that i wasn’t sure we would survive. but thanks to our determination and help from family and friends (they were lifesavers. thank you jarrett, jordan, mom and mulcahy), we did.

now that we are in our new place, we have a mile-long to buy/do list. first and foremost is to actually start to unpack and organize (so we don’t have to look through 5 rooms and 20 boxes to find something), though as you’ll see below there’s a bit of storage items needed which makes it more difficult.

here’s the (buying) plan, by room:

living room:
-tv wall mount
-drapes (diy) and/or blinds
-new couch (hopefully in the next couple months)
-make large ottoman to replace coffee table
-new rug

dining room:
-drapes (diy) and/or blinds
-ryan to build farmhouse table (hopefully soon)
-chairs for table (looking for affordable brushed aluminum or ghost chairs and faux-eames plastic molded  armchairs)
-chandelier (that we can take with us to our future place)
-shelving (?)

farmhouse table inspiration{farmhouse table inspiration}

master bedroom:
-king mattress (coming tuesday. little worried about how they’ll get it in, but that’s their job, right?)
-king bed frame
-down alternative comforter (pesky allergies) (just ordered from overstock. hopefully will be here soon)
-duvet cover
-bed skirt
-make headboard (envisioning tufted velvet)
-dresser (omg we can fit a dresser!)
-closet organization (shoe racks, small dresser/shelving?)
-waste basket
-tv wall mount
-new nightstand(s) (not sure if two will fit with new bed)
-darkening shade

west elm sheets{i can’t stop thinking about these gray sheets. 99% chance i’m buying}

guest bedroom:
-new sheets
-waste basket
-possible dresser
-closet organization (shoe racks, shelving?)

-dresser to refurbish as island
-armoire to refurbish or dresser to refurbish with floating shelves above
-pots/pans/dishes organizer for cabinet

dresser into kitchen island{kitchen island inspiration}

bathrooms (omg we have two!):
-shower curtain rod
-shower curtain and liner
-shower hanging caddy
-bath mat for 2nd bath
-storage containers for inside sink cabinet
-baskets for under sink cabinet
-new towels

office (/hopefully craft room):
-unknown/don’t have time to think about now

-light bulbs (there are missing bulbs in every light fixture, and not all are energy efficient)
-coat rack
-laundry drying rack (actually have room for one in the creepy basement where the washer/dryer is)
-new vacuum (hopefully)
-frames for large gallery wall, somewhere
-brakes for car (not home related, but the car is needed to buy the above and it’s almost undriveable now)

the bank account is and will be taking a beating (especially after vacation and having to eat out a lot lately because the kitchen is filled with boxes and we have no food)? we are planning on buying the larger items for cheap (dressers from flea markets/craigslist, mattress from overstock) or making them ourselves (large ottoman, king headboard and dining room table), for the most part, so that will help. and even though i’m impatient, i know it can’t all be done at the snap of my fingers, so that also helps ease the cash flow.

the brakes for the car are ryan’s most immediate priority.  my most immediate priority is a king-sized bed frame and new bedding by tuesday, followed by the the kitchen storage solutions, as we have such limited cabinet space there’s literally nowhere to unpack things.

to recap, here’s where we’re at: bleeding money (but for a good cause – decorating our place!) living in a cardboard jungle. spending 20 minutes looking for something, every. single. time. we need something. eating out (and thus gaining weight due to poor nutrition and no time to exercise). having to watch tv in the bedroom because 1. the couch is in the dining room 2. the tv is in the living room, on the floor and 3. the only dish network remote that doesn’t work is for that tv. i’m going nuts. but i have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroms, a kitchen, dining room and living room to go nuts in!

i’m looking forward to showing the progress we make of turning the apartment into a home, and the projects that accompany it…so stay tuned (slowly!).


6 thoughts on “we survived {aka it’s time to shop now}

  1. I’m exhausted just reading your to do list. Take it slow or you’ll miss out on the fleeting summer. Let me know what I can help you with. I could use something to do.

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