day 12

we have been in our new place for 12 days. it been a long 12 days. things are coming along slowly but surely. here’s some snapshots into our current living situation…

living room:

living room(until last night the tv was on the floor, and you could only see the top 2/3. progress. wall mount comes tomorrow!)

living room(lots to organize still)



office(can you tell this is a guy’s room? i’m waiting for the basement storage area to be used…)

dining room:

dining room(driving me nuts)

guest bedroom:

guest bedroom(can barely walk through doorway)

second bath:

2nd bath(need to buy shower curtain before guests in town. but lovin the new towel and bath mat)



kitchen(kitchen is tonight’s project. i can’t take it any more!)


bedroom tv


at least the bed is made (the new king bed…it’s marvelous)…and my closet is organized (need new hangers though)


i’m hoping that after this weekend we will be 90% unpacked…and then i can focus on decorating! (but first i need my bank account to rebound a bit after our new bed and vacation).

though the first 12 days have been tiring, we’ve enjoyed exploring our new neighborhood and starting to make our house a home so far, and we’re excited to see the progress the next 12 days will bring…




6 thoughts on “day 12

  1. Looking great Tina! Where would Ryan be without you??? Living with a bunch of tires and liquor bottles in random places with no sense of the time of day because he would rather polish his 200 golf clubs.
    We are so excited to see the new house!!! Only a few more weeks!

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