flea market

last weekend i went to my first ever flea market. it was fun!

flea market

ryan and i went totally spur-of-the-moment saturday morning, and our friends fritz and holly met us there.

my mission: a dresser for a kitchen island or a bedroom, a side table for the living room, or at the least, a cake stand to start my collection.

i struck out on all of the above.

there just wasn’t a lot of furniture. i don’t know if it was just the day, or this weekly flea market doesn’t draw a lot furniture, but i was disappointed. nevertheless, there were some things that caught my eye….

bar cart

like this vintage bar cart. but at $125 i couldn’t justify the purchase.

oval frame

and this oval frame which would be gorgeous spruced up with some paint and put in a gallery wall. but $50 was too steep for me.

we did make some purchases though:

ryans purchases

ryan bought a vintage tapper for $2 and a baseball bat for $5.

gas can

fritz walked away with a great metal gas can for $15.

and of course i managed to find a couple things…


an old gold frame with a great large mat and glass, for $4 (and a picture that will be replaced. though i do like the pops of turquoise.) i might leave it as-is, or spray paint it gold to spruce it up.

milk glass bowl

and a lovely milk glass bowl for $3 (i love milk glass, this is my first piece…new collection??). it will make a good candy dish, a place to put often used jewelery, or it will look great used as a vase (with floral foam and flowers cut short).

although i didn’t find what i wanted, i did come home with some random crap goods for cheap. i can see how hitting up flea markets to find treasures for cheap can be addicting, so i’m just hoping we’re able to control our awe at the low prices and not end up on hoarders, or as one of those people on auction hunting who have moved out to the country and purchased an airplane hangar just so they have room to store their crap goods and have a hard time parting with it 30 years later.

are you a fellow flea market lover? know of any good ones near chicago that i should hit up–especially ones with furniture?



5 thoughts on “flea market

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  4. Love your milk glass bowl, lol… funny I happened along the same bowl today at the same price ! I should have been home today, cleaning out the garage, but instead I’ve been at church sales bringing home more to store ! We really can’t afford an airplane hangar ;o)

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