sale alert: flower pots

just a quick note–if you’re in need of flower pots, joann fabrics has them on sale for 70% off.

70% off is too good to pass up, so i picked up three ceramic pots (a small, medium and large) for $48, a savings of $112. that’s bananas. these suckers are heavy and will last forever (provided they don’t get broken).

white small pot
(excuse the crappy iphone photos)

large green pot
(this large pot is about 18 inches across. and heavy. and purdy.)

the sale started last weekend, but if you’re lucky they should have some left.

(thanks to friend and coworker sarah for the heads up!)

our patio needs some freshening up, and these pots with gorgeous flowers in them will do the trick.  saturday should be perfect weather for gardening!



3 thoughts on “sale alert: flower pots

  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhh i meant to go there! i bought my coco moss there last year for a deep discount. but some new pots for the backyard would be nice. our flowers in the back yard miss you dearly, they all keep dying! 😦

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