mission dresser: success

my mission: a dresser no longer than 44″ and between 36″ and 38″  tall, with some legs (not flush to the floor) to turn into an island in the kitchen for much need counter and drawer space.

my inspiration:

dresser into kitchen island

(previously mentioned here)

the search was a little harder than i expected. many dressers fell short of the 36″ minimum height i wanted (counter height). and then there was the one that got away early in the search because i wasn’t able to pick it up in time. i went to a flea market, went to a couple thrift stores and i stalked craigslist for three weeks and finally had success.

i picked this beauty up last night. i’m in love. the 2 1/2 hours in the car (chicago traffic to and from the burbs) was well worth it.


she’s a beaut, clark. (name that movie)

the glass knobs are not original, but they’re pretty and match the dresser well.

i seriously can’t tell you how happy i am i finally found a dresser, a perfect dresser: 42″ long and 36″ high. in great condition. and for $60. i may have done a happy dance and leg kick.

now the only question is what color to paint it. while i actually don’t mind the wood, it’s not in perfect shape as the previous owner stripped white paint off and there’s touches left. and my vision was a painted dresser all along. we’ll just see if i can make a color decision…and then actually paint it.

what color would you paint it? (help!)

have a great weekend!




6 thoughts on “mission dresser: success

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